SWAT AAR December 2010

Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Area51 After Action Report - for 5th December 2010

Take 3 teams, Reds, Silvers and Blues give them the objectives of capturing each others Laptops full of secret data and only once that is done can they then go for the team flag and you've got a receipe for double dealing and deceit.

Despite valiant attempts at defending and doing quite well for sometime against strong opposition the vice of a co-ordinated effort by Red and Silver factions beat the Blues down and the laptop was the first item to go. Lessons from past games of this format have failed to impress upon players that deals cannot be trusted and whilst the promise of a share of the spoils tempted the Reds into the deal as soon as the Silver Team got the Blues Latop then any assistance to gain the Blues Flag soon disappeared. To add insult to injury The Reds left their own area relatively undefended and the Silver Team made a special effort to get the Reds Laptop whilst the main attack on the Blues was taking place.

Contenders READY! (click to enlarge) Thanks to SWAT NUTZ for the pictures

At the end of this game phase it end up with the Silvers controlling 3 team flags and 2 laptops, the Reds holding 1 laptop and the Blues left sadly with nothing.

The afternoon returned to a more 'normal' style of play with Reds vs Blues (the Silvers ruling the morning were split between the 2 teams) and fall back and attack games, what hard work those staircases are!

You know when you've had a great days skirmish when you need a hot bath to rest those tired limbs, great times.

See you in the New Year @ S.W.A.T. Urban AREA51

Some feedback from SWAT members:
"really good day! im am completely worn out"

"absolutely brilliant day"

"thanks to Nutz and his awesome team of marshals!"

"brill day today, legs aching, shot all over, head ache= good day bring on next visit"

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