Copehill Down FIBUA Weekend

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brit-Tac Copehill Down Weekender UPDATE 23/24th April 2011

Jimbinia Village - Africa - 2013
Over the past few months intelligence reports have been coming out of the area of a small but well equipped private militia who have seized control of the village of Jimbinia. In a brutal coupe the village was brought under the control of the militia and their leader, an ex Special Forces Colonel. The village has since been ruled over with an iron fist and is now a primary export route of drugs/arms destined to fund terrorist organisations around the globe.

"The Blade"
Under mounting conflict and abuse, local elements have formed together to create a guerrilla army known as "The Blade". These freedom fighters have been attacking the militia since Jimbinia fell under their control. Hierarchy and structure unknown, their forces remain hidden within the village and the surrounding areas and support for them is strong. The regular public executions held in an attempt to demoralise "The Blade" have as yet been in vain.

Task Force Black Alpha
With the every increasing War on Terror, Jimbinia has been identified as a key target, the supply of drugs and arms coming out of the region must be stopped. With the task of bringing the militia to answer for its crimes and stopping the terrorist supply routes out of Jimbinia, Task Force Black Alpha have once again been put in harms way...

Private Militia Forces
100 Players
Description: made up of rogue operators from western militaries and fiercely loyal to Colonel Briggs, trained in Special Forces tactics and equipped with the weaponry of the modern world this will be a formidable fighting force to take on.

"The Blade" Guerrilla Forces
100 Players
Description: Made up of the local population and although very little have has military training, years of internal conflict have turned the people of Jimbinia in to a tough battle hardened force.

Task Force Black Alpha
50 Players
Description: Made up of Tier 1 operators of the Western World, Task Force Black Alpha is the pinnacle strike force in the war against terror, reserved for only the most crucial and difficult of tasks and operations.

Get your name down fast, for this event as places are booking up fast. Prices are £82 with a £42 deposit required with the balance payable on the day.

latest events.....

The South African government appeals for a ceasefire in Jimbinia. After no public statement is received from Jimbinia, Government Peace Keeping Forces are despatched to the area.

Government forces and medical aid are shot down on route to Jimbinia. No survivors are found in the wreckage. With no-one claiming responsibility Briggs publically announces “The Blade” as the guilty party.

After more civilian casualties and an increased flow of traffic in and out of the village, Task Force Black Alpha is put on standby. These Tier 1 operators from various countries have been selected to bring peace back to Jimbinia and its surrounding areas. Their goal; to depose Briggs and stem the flow of arms and drugs through Jimbinia,

Under the cover of darkness Task Force Black Alpha touches down 10 miles south of Jimbinia……
Operation Jimbinia Dawn is given the green light!

Places are going FAST! So book NOW (Task force NOW FULL!)

For more info & booking checkout the Brit-Tac web site at: or call 07790 060117

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Task Force Full!
    only 11 places left for the PMF now!

    The Blade starting to fill! Part military uniform can now be worn by the blade, i.e DPM/OD/Green bottoms and civvy/tan top or tan/civvy bottoms and DPM/OD/Green tops, no restrictions on load carrying equipment.

    Posted on February 17, 2011 at 9:49 AM


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