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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SWAT Announce their TRI-Programme!

For all those SWAT Players who like to play at the SWAT venues as MUCH as they possibly can - this annoucement is FOR YOU.

Can't possibly get enough airsofting @ SWAT but the cash flows a little tricky, what with prices going up and incurring the debt of a small African country for petrol?

WELL WORRY NO MORE, you can have your cake and eat it, thanks to the great offer from SWAT and the money saving offer of the TRI-Programme.

"Well! what is it?" you all cry, hungry for more. This is a great idea by SWAT that allows you to play every week and once you have 2 games in you get your 3rd for that month completely free of charge (t&c's apply). The games must all be played within the same month and cannot be carried over (this offer excludes BB's & refreshments)

Here's a brief run down on the Programme from SWAT's glorious leader NUTZ:

"A tri programme has been considered for players who wish to play more than sleep. This breaks down into a short list of benefits and terms that allow the more regular supporters of s.w.a.t. to get gaming for free:

1. It is a programme aimed at our loyal customers and supporters and resident teams.

2. Play twice within one calendar month and get the third day free within that month.

3. The free day must be used within the same calendar month and cannot be carried as a credit or stored up for future gaming.

4. The free day has no monetary value or credit (it a free day).

5. The programme does not include any ammunition or other consumables,and is purely for the site fees only.

6. It is a requirement that all members of the tri programme be part of our global team “team s.w.a.t.” and must wear our patches to endorse this fact.

7.Team s.w.a.t. patches will be free which will include the Velcro that will allow instant mounting for all players interested in the affiliation. (These patches can be worn in conjunction with your own team patch)

8. Our register will be the basis of keeping tabs on your visits, and I’m sure you won’t forget anyway.

9. This programme runs for a trial period from the 1st march to the end of June 2011 and is valid at any s.w.a.t. venue. Once we can assess the attendance a longer term decision will be made by s.w.a.t.

Im sure that the tri programme will prove a benefit and saving for the avid airsofters within the s.w.a.t. fold.

s.w.a.t. airsoft limited"

A great money saving programme on offer there and a great excuse to tell the Missus your actually saving money by playing more often! - LOL

To sign-up join the SWAT forums or e-mail NUTZ via the SWAT website - more info can be found by clicking the SWAT logo's on this page or others throughout the site.

As they say
"Your Either SWAT or your NOT!"

Keep your eyes peeled for more great SWAT annoucements!
SWAT Area51


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