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Posted by Unknown On Monday, March 07, 2011

Annoucing the birth of -
The UK Airsoft Wiki

The UK Airsoft Wiki is a community driven site about Airsoft in the UK. The aim of this wiki is to have all the information about Airsoft in the UK in ONE place. Its made by players for players and needs your help. What this means is YOU could become an important author on the UK Airsoft Wiki. Do you know your Multicam from your MTP? What about your Glock from your C... you get the idea.

The UK Airsoft Wiki was created by Paul Firmin in the tail end of 2010 as a way to have all airsoft information in one place. He found it hard to find reliable information about airsoft and was fed up with having to go to lots of different websites and forums to try and find out information that normally would be either biased or aimed at people in the US or Japan. He felt a central database of knowledge was needed for airsofters in the UK so that people could find what they needed in one easy to use place.

The BLOG has joined the WIKI and has an entry here:


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