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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, July 07, 2011

A renowned Airsofter, known to many around the North West scene and Owner/creator of the MANC-AS web forums:


Player Name:
Chris “Duffy” Belfield


Technical Project Manager

Regular Skirmish Sites:
SWAT Urban
Stirling Airsoft
First & Only

Through the years I’ve played at the bigger events of the year at various locations e.g. Catterick, Copehill down, Sennybridge and Swynnerton. I’d like to think that I have put a lot back into the UK airsoft community with my forum and games that I’ve organised or participated in.

Airsoft Experience:
6 years
Owner of Manchester Airsoft Community

I have played at a higher level of airsoft for numerous years now competing against and played with some of the best players in the country. I would like to play internationally (if given the chance) and would love their to be an international event that as a country (UK) we could participate in.


Duffy in various guises(click to enlarge)

What got you started in airsofting?
Friends from N.Ireland told me how back home they went to an event and were shot at by MP5s, got hooked from there. Looked on the internet and found ASCUK where Tom Chant gave me a lift to my first game at Light Fighter Urban. LFU was a pure door kick / CQB environment which is my favourite environment to play in.

Currently TM P226, TM MEU, TM VSR upgraded to death, Tanaka AICS upgraded to death, GP JP RWL Magpul

Load Out:
PMC / Casual – Door kicking / CQB / FIBUA
Woodland – Mixture of MARPAT and DPM.

Fav Item of Kit:
Dud BFGs (chuck ‘em in, watch them run away, shooting them in back).

The various loadouts of Duffy(click to enlarge)

Top Tip:
A team following a shit plan is better than individuals thinking they have a better plan

Fav War Movie:
Full Metal Jacket

Airsoft (obviously), Beatboxing, Music, Riding my motorbike, Beer & Women

For more info, help and advice please visit the North Wests Premier Airsofting Forums (click banner):

All Pictures courtesy of their respected owners via Duffy

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