Airsoft Sq'd HACKED!

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Airsoft Squared HACK SHOCK

Regular readers will recall the news posted on these forums of a great new airsofters social network site called AIRSOFT SQUARED posted HERE. You will be shocked of course to learn that the site was hacked and a number of SPAM e-mails sent out to members of the site (me included).

After a few days of unavailability for maintainance and security enhancements we are glad to report 'IT'S BACK'. So get on there and start posting REVIEWS, SCENARIOS and whatever other airsoft treats you may have.

A message from Airsoft Sq'd to ALL users,

Fellow Airsofter,
This weekend, Airsoft Squared has been attacked by an identified group of hackers.
They used website functionalities to spam several users including you.

We are really sorry for this and are working hard to protect the site against new attacks. The website is now back online with a security upgrade.

Since the beginning of the project, we have taken major steps to increase security on the platform. We'll continue working on making Airsoft Squared a safe place for Airsofters all over the world.

Thanks for sharing with us your remarks and reporting weaknesses and breaches on Airsoft Squared contacting us at
We designed Airsoft Squared to be an ethic and respectful community.
Thanks in advance for your support.

The Airsoft Squared team.

Airsoft Sq'd is ALSO promising some great enhancements coming soon - watch this space for more news when we get it!

See you on AIRSOFT SQUARED and feel free to join the Airsoft Odyssey Group or leave a kind message on the wall!

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