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Posted by Unknown On Friday, November 18, 2011

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SWAT RETAIL, NOW Official Magpul Dealers

Some MORE GREAT NEWS from SWAT. They are now OFFICIAL MAGPUL DEALERS and to celebrate the achievement are holding a special 'Magpul Day' at their skimish day on 11th December 2011. You are ALL invited to come along and check out the kit!

Also in attendance will be Edgar Bros with lots of kit & gear to show off and as usual the SWAT Retail shop,, will be there should you see anything you want to purchase. All in time for those important Christmas purchases! So bring plenty of DOSH as there is ALWAYS that extra bit of kit you WILL NEED.

Pictures Courtesy SWAT (click to enlarge)

SWAT Retail shop, are also the NEW sponsors of the blog as some of the sharp eyed readers of the blog may have noticed! Do check them out as they have some great prices on AEG's and other airsoft accessories. f course when we get more news about gear from SWAT Retail, I'll let you know.

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