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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A well known North West Airsofter & collector, known to many on a few airsoft forums including the MANC-AS web forums:


Player Name:
Rob “Riotharmus” Campbell


Quality Assurance Engineer

Regular Skirmish Sites:
I don’t play at one site regularly, I prefer to travel round and try as many new sites as possible.

Airsoft Experience:
2.5 years or so at organised games, collected airsoft “models” for 15+ years.


Rio's Loadouts (click to enlarge)

What got you started in airsofting?
The fact it was a more tactical version of paintball and the chance to shoot my mates…

TM Sig P226 + tan body and wood grips
A&K M60 E4
Galaxy MP5K (completely rebuilt and tuned)

Load Out:
Clothing: Lowa Desert Boots, Tan Claw Gear Stalker Trousers, Helikon Ranger Green Softshell, Mechanix lightweight gloves.

LBE: WAS 901 Chest Rig with various pouches, IMI Pistol Holster

For the longest time I insisted on wearing a full CIRAS style plate carrier with belt order, then had a bit of a rethink and slimmed my kit down to just belt order and low profile harness after a while I fancied a change and ended up with the chest rig set up.. leaves me with plenty of options and more than enough room to carry everything.

I’m not really inspired by any real deal units, don’t get me wrong I’ve built loadouts before (USMC themed) but now I like to try and find something that works primarily and it’s a bonus if it looks nice. I’m happy with what I’ve go right now (if anything it’s close to a ranger load out, but that’s purely coincidental) I think with the addition of a MICH and some bits I’m about done…. Till next time!

Fav Item of Kit:
I’m not sure I have a favourite, I love all my kit.. but by far my most useful has been my gerber multitool, everyone should have one!

'Come Get Some' M60 Totting carnage! Rio Style (click to enlarge)

Top Tip:
There’s an airsoft game for everyone, be it running around full pelt blasting away through 1000’s of rounds or if you prefer to cam up in a bush somewhere and wait hours for that one shot… just find what works for you and enjoy it!

Fav War Movie:
My favourite movie of all time, any genre, is Apocalypse now. It’s an absolute twisted hellish nightmare of a vision from start to finish with the most memorable soundtrack of all time.

Drawing, design and creating things. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m always taking something apart I shouldn’t be!

For more info, help and advice please visit the North Wests Premier Airsofting Forums (click banner):

All Pictures courtesy of their respected owners via Rio

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