Magpul PDR @ Shot Show 2012

Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, February 01, 2012

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Magpul PDR @ Shot Show 2012
Now a Working Prototype

This is one AEG I can't personally wait to get my hands on! From first seeing it in videos from the 2011 Shot Show I've been waiting in eager anticipation for this! They now have a working prototype at Shot Show 2012 and its looking promising for a Mid year 2012 release as well. Aimed at around the $300-$350 mark, expect pretty much the same in pounds for the UK market (probably). Dr Airsoft from Airsoft Medicine gives us some great coverage of this fantastic AEG in this extended video with Alex from Magpul (this is probably the best coverage from SS2012 of the PDR):

Airsoft Medicines extend Magpul PDR coverage

Now on some forums I've been frequenting a small number of players are not so excited by this hybrid design, it does kind of look like a cross between a P90 and an L85 or AUG but I think this is some of the best innovation we've seen for a long time and goes beyond the bench marks already set by those previous designs, taking the best from all of them. This is something really exciting for airsofters and as usual it's by Magpul. Lets hope Edgar Bros in the UK and Cybergun for Europe (Spartan for USA?) are able to bring these to us ASAP, as I know lots of players that want these NOW!

- All polymer Design using Dupont Polymers (shouldn't the top rail be metal!!!!)
- Bull Pup configuration but mag release forward of trigger
- Same barrel length as CQB M4 but approx half the total length of the M4 CQB
- Electronic trigger system
- Ambidextrous controls
- LiPo Ready
- 2 stage trigger between semi-full auto

Checkout the Edgar Brothers website:
Edgar Brothers


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