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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The NWACSS - on Facebook

This blog has always tried to bring new things 'going on' in the world of airsofting to the fore and this one is a nice 'Local' innovation by a couple of great North West airsofters. Check it out below:

Into Airsoft and looking for MORE gear? Or even have too much (heaven forbid!) and need to sell some, fed up with sooo last year forums and strict moderators who have little power and even less sense? You've probably got a Facebook account, right? So come on over to a great way to buy, sell, swap and join in with like minded people on the North West Airsoft Community Swap and Sell, NWACSS to those in the know ;-)

NWACSSOriginally set up by a couple of laid back airsofters (thanks to Rogue Sabre & Gregor Cameron) in the North West of England it has since burgeoned out into the wider Airsoft Community and is attracting members from all over! Not only can airsofter players join, but they are also attracting an increasing amount of airsoft retailers as well offering discount and surplus kit.

The whole point of the group is to link together anyone who has anything to do with airsoft, whether they are players (who want to buy/sell/swap unwanted airsoft and tactical kit), suppliers, site operators and event organisers. This way it's kind of an airsoft "hub" where everything is under the one umbrella, it's open to anyone who has an interest in airsoft regardless of their location. With nearly 700 members (at the time of writing) this is a growing group with a good reach across all airsoft communities not just the North West of England, where ever YOU are join the group and keep up to date on news, events, and 'Swap & Sell, Swap & Sell' as the group motto seems to be.

Taking part couldn't be easier, with simple straightforward templates for sales & swaps and a community of like minded people with none of the fuss of stuffy over opinionated forum owners. Get to see and join in with other airsofters like yourself. So what are you waiting for get over and JOIN the North West Airsoft Community Swap & Sell on Facebook! Just click on the Tab Join Group!

NWACSS would like to shout out Mad Badger Airsoft Buying Club Member Site AND Essex and Kent Airsoft Buy and Swap for support and assistance in setting up the NWACSS - thanks.

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