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Posted by Unknown On Monday, April 09, 2012

Buy & Sell 2nd Hand Airsoft Kit
- with no hassles

Buy, Sell & Trade UK Airsoft Gear
with complete confidence

This is a great idea for those UK airsofters wanting to sell (or buy) their gear without having to go through a lot of legal hassles and doing the checking etc, let some one else do it for you, like those nice folks @ Airsoft Exchange, and they'll even do the pictures for you!

Okay, it will cost you some commision but you then get the item, listed, photographed and in the case of airsoft items they'll do all the necessary checks for you such as checking the person buying is PASS/UKARA registered or a valid skirmisher.

AND for those buying you'll have confidence that you wont be buying a 'lemon' and that the product you get is as 'advertised' as well. WIN, WIN for buyers & sellers! Great news. So no rip-offs unlike many of the airsoft forums offering sales.

This has to be the easiest way to buy or sell airsoft & tactical gear in the UK!

Here's what Nic from the Airsoft Exchange had to say:

"With airsoft shops not willing to take your guns and equipment as part-ex towards a new gear. There is a growing number of airsofters that have old equipment sat in the garage or loft gathering dust.

We have been there our selves and thought that something needed to be done about it, we have subsequently set up to combat this. Airsoft Exchange is the easiest way to get rid of your old equipment as we do all the hard work for you!

How Airsoft Exchange works!
  • You send us your item (Gun, vest , helmet, etc)
  • We test and inspect the item
  • We list the item with full photos and description on our website
  • We find a buyer
  • We send your gear to the buyer
  • We send you your money + refund the money it cost you to send the items to us
What could be simpler?

Well if you couldn't wait for the item to sell we can offer you a cash amount for it.

We have set this up to make selling your equipment both easy and safe.

If you have and further questions or want to chat to us about sending your gun or equipment to us then please email us:

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