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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, April 01, 2012

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A&K's M60 VN
A Taster

My Good friend Bamf has got a new TOY! and just like 'Animal Mother' from Full Metal Jacket this ones a right PIG (see what I did there!) So cue your favorite Vietnam era sound track and check out this BEAST the A&K M60 VN:

A&K M60 VN

This is one heavy piece of kit to lug around, makes you admire the poor sap who's job it would be to lug it around a war zone! Its alright for the Tankies (Bamf's an EX tankie BTW!) and Helicopter jockies that had these mounted. RESPECT to all the M60 toters out there!

This M60 comes with a 3500 round capacity box magazine and fully adjustable Rate of Fire via the buffer tube adjuster - GET SOME! A few of us are really looking forward to giving this a try out, if we can prise it from Bamf's cold dead hands!

The 'PIG-Beast' as it shall hence forth be known around SWAT Area 51 was supplied by

Watch out for a review coming soon!

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