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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Custom Made Ghillie Cape

So You checked out the review on the Ashbury ASW338 Sniper Rifle (See Here) well NOW you'll need one of these to begin your career as an Airsoft Sniper - custom made Ghillie Capes made to order for both Airsoft & Military use, by Custom Sniper Equipment in the UK!

Ghillie Cape Hotdog Ghillie Cape
Ghillie Cape by Custom Sniper Equipment

These are designed and built by 'Hotdog' who is a regular airsoft player (Player Profile here) and has a great deal of real world experience which he brings into the craft of making these Custom Ghillies, this is what he has to say:

The Ghillie Cape is a "one size fits all" Mesh vest that covers your arms, chest, back and also has a hood with draw cord. It comes fully loaded with elastic for adding natural folage and is secured with 3 fast clip buckles and straps. I have then added the other materials that would be avalable to a British Army Sniper to make his own Ghillie Suit. The additional materials break up the body's natural shape and give the effect of heavy foliage, additional natural camouflage can then be added if required to blend into the local environment.

The only other Sniper suits on the market today are made from synthetic string materials and most of them cover the whole of the body (Including the Front) which can lead to restricted movement. A Sniper would not cover the front of his suit from his chest down, as he would spend a lot of time on the ground and it would not be seen and also it could snag and catch on stuff.

I have not seen anything on the market that replicates what a British Army Sniper would use in the field. I thought it would be practical and cost effective for an Airsoft Sniper to have a Ghillie Cape system that can be used on top of any camouflage pattern uniform from Multicam to Dpm, this would be handy if playing Mil-Sim events where different sides have to wear alternate camouflage for team recognition.

It would also be an asset to a small Airsoft Team, who can all chip in a few quid and share one. It could be used for Recon, Stalking or even hiding a Machine Gun position.

Hotdog's Custom Ghillie Cape (click for larger Image)

These Ghillie Capes take me hours to customise and I sell them in a Distressed & Dirty look condition, as all the materials used would otherwise look too fresh and clean. Once I have finished making one, I take it for a walk round my local Forest to get it earthed up and dirty (There are photos on my Facebook page showing a before and after).

The Price for a Ghillie Cape is £90 plus Postage and people can order one from me by contacting me on my Facebook page "Custom Sniper Equipment"-Click the banner below.

Payment can be made ether by Cheque, Postal Order or via Pay Pal.

Future Developments still to come from Custom Sniper Equipment:

1. Velcro on Ghillie Weapon Covers.
2. Ghillie Gloves.
3. Gaiters that cover the lower back of your legs (To be worn in conjunction with Cape).
4. Mollie "Heated" Magazine pouches for Gas Pistols (still in development).

In the future I'm aiming to build Custom Sniper Equipment into a "One Stop Shop" for all your Airsoft Sniper and Tactical needs.

I make the Capes to order and they can take a few weeks for me to make, so please be patient with your orders.

You'll be able to find me at the Airsoft Arms Fair on the 19th May 2012 as I plan to have some Ghillie Capes made ready to sell, I will also be available to take NEW orders as well.

I'm happy to consider doing Bespoke Custom work for people who want FULL Uniforms making into Ghillie Suits, - for details please contact me via the Facebook page

Custom Sniper Equipment can be found on Facebook:Custom Sniper Equipment STAY in TOUCH with Airsoft Odyssey via all these Multi-Media Outlets:


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