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Posted by Unknown On Friday, April 13, 2012

Flyye Industries WSH Chest Rig - Reviewed by Yosser
(Sometimes called a Weesatch)

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Flyye WSH Weesatch FrontOver the years I’ve tried various configurations of kit, like most who airsoft we seem to accumulate kit. Some works for us and some doesn’t, trial & error, hence the gathering collection, much to my wife’s annoyance! I’ve a number of Load Bearing Vests, pouches and bags now but have never tried a chest rig, so looking for something that I could use with either Multicam or ATACS uniforms gave me yet another opportunity to get even more stuff.

I decided in the end to go for a chest rig as I like to use my belt mounted pistol backup occasionally and found other rigs just restricted this use. To go with various camo styles I also opted for the Coyote colour and the Flyye WSH Chest Rig (Weesatch) in 1000D Cordora seemed an ideal fit for my requirement and price point not wanting to fork out extra for any ‘real deal’ items.

Flyye WSH Weesatch Back

What struck me about the Flyee WSH was basically the ability to use it straight off without the additional purchase of extra pouches. It has a number of internal ‘pockets’ for up to 10 magazines plus a radio or even a bottle of BB’s, this pocket secures by some shock cord and a cordlock. The ‘pockets’ are fully adjustable with velcro closures and each pocket holds 2 magazines. What I liked about this feature is their ability to not just hold my M4 magazines but my larger sig 522 ones as well, you could even hold a good mix of magazines if you go ‘tooled-up’ armed with a number of dispirit weapons.

Flyye Industries WSH Chest Rig (Weesatch)(click for larger images)

The ‘bib’ section, which also folds down, holds a large enough pocket for most maps or other gear to stow away, but you might still want to consider an ‘Admin Pouch’ for some organization ability! The whole plate carrier has enough Molle loops to add more and more pouches but maybe you should resist until you decide what you ‘really’ need to carry around with you, or you’ll pay the weight penalty.

RHSBucklesAll straps are fully adjustable and fasten by means of plastic clip buckles, just be careful in very cold weather as they could become brittle and snap, but so far no issues or problems on my Flyye WSH. I must add that the side clip (on RHS only) does make getting in and out of the rig so much easier and less cumbersome than some of the Velcro cummerbund type models. The shoulder straps I found needed to have the loose ends locked off back through the adjusters in order to prevent the straps slipping loose and maintain a good fit. Each shoulder strap has D rings for attachments (2 on each) and of course additional loops which are Velcro fastened which is great for threading tubing from hydration pouches or comms cables, or even a sling. I wouldn’t describe the shoulders as well padded but they didn’t give me any problems whilst wearing them.

The back panel is pretty standard with 7 molle loops wide by 6 loops down (not counting the ‘blank’ spaces between), this gives you plenty of space to balance out the weight in the front your going to add! You even get a ‘Grab handle’ in a slightly different shade should you need to be pulled out of an emergency situation. Both the front and back panels have a large pocket, closed by Velcro again, for the addition of the ‘plate’ should you wish to add the extra bulk in the form of replica sapi plates although it would add some rigidity to the weesatch.

Yosser says: Skirmishing in this rig was an absolute pleasure, everything I needed was to hand, although I did make the beginners mistake of adding extra mag pouches across the front and then went ‘trigger happy’. This configuration was just too heavy (I was carrying approx 14 magazines), hence my warning about resisting the temptation to add more. Movement was unrestricted and I was able to add a Utility pouch to the LHS strap (only the RHS has a buckle to fasten) which was useful and of course I can use with either ATACS or Multicam. I’m impressed with the Flyye kit for airsoft, it does the job really well and I think looks good as well.

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