Helikon PCS MP Camo Review

Posted by Unknown On Monday, June 04, 2012

Helikon Personal Clothing System -MP - Reviewed by Yosser

Another new release by Helikon for 2012 is the big news of their Personal Clothing System in Multi-Purpose Camo (PCS-MP Camo).

Now those familiar with the Helikon brand will already be aware of their successful Camogrom patterned uniform, well this is the same but different! Styled on a not too dissimilar pattern to the UK forces MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern), again the same but different, this pattern is greener and brighter, than the previous Camogrom, is the best way I can really describe it. With those wishing to mix and match with British MTP, should be well satisfied with this. Anyone notice the little Helikon Chameleon logo embedded into the pattern? As usual it’s made with the same 50/50 poly cotton mix as other uniforms in the range.

MP or Camogrom
Camogrom next to PCS-MP spot the logo! (Click for larger Image)

PCS-MP Shirt
The shirt follows the now familiar Mandarin style collar but this one also gives the option of folding it down into a more convention style collar, thus it misses out on the fleecy soft interior that some other Helikon shirts sport. Cuff fastening I found strange resorting back to the British slotted button (with 2 possible positions) rather than the now ubiquitous Velcro but the main shirt fastening is a zipper with a Velcro storm flap and a center line Velcro fastened tab for a unit or rank slide. The main chest pockets are large and roomy, with vertical openings which fasten with Velcro situated towards the center line of the shirt, much like the UK pattern Soldier 95 jackets. The RHS chest pocket also has an inner pocket for holding up to 3 pens, whilst on the LHS internally are 3 attachment points plus another smaller pocket.

PCS-MPshirt PCS-MPtrousers PCS-MPtshirt
Helikon PCS-MP Uniform (Click for larger Image)

The real innovation and the bit I find brings this shirt into its own is the upper sleeve pockets. Pockets are of course available on both arms and the openings for them are sensibly angled towards the body for easy access and both follow a bellows type design so should accommodate what you need in them. Each has the necessary Velcro real-estate for all the morale patches you need plus what I’ve been saying for a while now they have also included a MP Camo blank in case you wish to use them (or to sew a more traditional patch to!), I thought it was a great touch adding the small full colour Union Flag on the LHS blank. The blank now gives the wearer a choice, which is a step forward; let’s hope we see this development rolled out across the Helikon range.

Collar UP Collar DOWN Blank Panel LHS Inner Shirt Pocket
Some of the features

PCS-MP Trousers
Made to the same UK forces specification as the shirt the trousers lack a re-enforced seat that many others in the range feature however thought has gone into the placement of the seams on the inside leg to prevent chaffing and rubbing in this area. Sporting a zip fly, no fiddly buttons on these trousers plus side slash pockets that feature a part mesh inner to help keep things cool! The LHS slash pocket even features a nifty extra zipped pocket for securing some cash or other valuables maybe, easily over looked I nearly missed it! Large Cargo pockets are again sensibly angled in the same way as the sleeve pockets and feature a single slotted button fastening and the bellowed design again. Unusually the trousers only feature a single rear pocket, but all pocket buttons are concealed behind a flap so they don’t show. The trouser bottoms also feature the usual draw string legs to fasten them up. Another plus is these trousers are even fitted for the wider duty belts worn by UK forces as seen by the wider belt loops with each belt loop above each side slash pocket having an extra loop at the bottom for securing items to.

PCS-MPtrousers PCS-Cargo Pocket PCS-MPtrousers
Helikon PCS-MP Uniform Trousers(Click for larger Image)

Extra Items
Like most uniform patterns Helikon have also produced a wide brimmed Boonie style hat. This one’s quite nifty in that they’ve also included a Velcro attached sun panel to protect the neck, which can be easily removed or just folded under, providing great protection for airsofters necks as well! The hat also sports the usual elasticated chin-strap with toggle adjustment and single molle loops around it. For those wanting something different you can also get a patrol style peaked cap which has a smaller styled foldable flap suitable for protecting the wearer’s ears. So whatever your preference Helikon have covered their bases on this.

MP Patrol Cap MP Boonie
Patrol Cap or Boonie your choice
Helikon really have gone the extra mile on this new pattern in their range with a quality classic t-shirt design to fully finish the look. Made in 100% cotton means it remains cool and comfortable under your new MP shirt.

Yosser says: Great to have some British style kit for review, I'm told its made to compliment the British MTP which as airsofters we find difficult to get hold of, so this will make a welcome addition to many an airsofters loadout. Surprisingly no plans as yet for Helikon to expand this pattern into other uniform styles in the range, although it would be great to see a Field Parka and Lvl5 Soft Shell in this pattern (also no plans for other camos in this PCS uniform either). As usual the uniform is well made and introduces more innovations, although I would have prefered velcro fastening cuffs and two back pockets on the trousers but hey it's no big deal. Easily washed and maintained after a hot days skirmish, if you like the pattern you'll be well pleased as it offers a more vibrant Multicam/MTP/MP - or whatever you decide to call it, experience to your load out.

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