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Special Projects
– SAPI Plates for the Flyye WSH Weesatch

A BRIEF How To Guide

SAPI Plate
The SAPI Plate (Small Arms Protective Insert) is used in the 'Plate Carrier' to protect the wearers vital organs from small arms fire. In airsoft it is of course redundant, but for the plate carrier it does provide extra ridgidity and help bulk it out. You can, of course buy these if you want something that looks authentic, but for me I just need to bulk out my Flyye Industries Weesatch, kindly provided by, click to check out MY review.

Kit ListWhat you need

So the make your own here's what you'll need

  • Sharp Scissors or craft knife
  • Cardboard
  • Marker Pen
  • Old Exercise or camping mat
  • Gaffer/Duck Tape
  • & your Plate Carrier


Measure the 'pockets' in your Plate Carrier that can take the 'Plates' - using the cardboard to make a cutting template - and tranfer this template to your old exercise mat/camping mat. If you don't have one of these you can of course just use your cardboard template (you may need to have a number of layers).

Plates covered in Tape
Bind the edges of your 'plates' with the gaffer tape and then cover the rest of the surface so its completely covered in tape - its up to you what colour tape you use as it is commonly available in either Black or Grey/Silver. I've done mine in black with each strip slightly overlapping the last. The tape adds extra ridgidity to the 'plate' as well as thickness. You can of course add a slight curve to your plate while binding it but I didn't bother with mine. Of course for extra thickness possibly consider putting a double layer together but make sure your Plate Carrier will take it, the mat I used was a little over 1cm thick so I didnt bother doing this on mine.

Now for ultimate 'realism' you could stencil the writing 'STRIKE FACE' on your plates but again I didnt feel the need to go that far. But after fitting into my Flyye WSH I was really pleased that the Plate Carrier now had enough ridgidity to stand up.

Flyye WSH Standing up
It's really THAT EASY to make - so simple Blue Peter could do it on one of their shows!

So order YOUR plate carrier from &
GET MAKING - and let us know how you get on!

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