SWAT Flash 06/05/2012

Posted by Unknown On Friday, May 11, 2012

SWAT Flash Traffic for 6th May 2012
'Tired & Knackered BUT Fun'

Great gaming day as usual at the North Wests premier CQB site, SWAT Urban Area51. Back to the more usual gaming scenarios with BLUE on RED action starting outside due to the weather being sunny but still on the chilly side. Not great for those with GBB pistols or rifles it must be added, thank god for the trusty AEG probably why so many of us haven't switched to GBB possibly?

Onto the first game with the REDS attacking us BLUES through the former ornamental gardens of the former Corus Offices which must be said they did take their time doing and valiant fire fights ensued with the BLUES managing to hold the mass hoardes of the RED team back for good periods of the game. I decided this was the day for some sneaky kills so hid to catch the unwary and foolish out. Got a few good kills from my hidey hole! Nothing beats shooting them in the back (sounds of evil laughter).

Into Hanger 18 and the tables reversed it was time for REDS to attack and BLUES defend after a good start by BLUES things turned into a bit of a stalemate and I bailed out suffering a bit from over heating. The extra padding I've added to my smart Flyye Industries WSH Plate Carrier does add to the insulating properties a bit! Anyway the BLUES can cope more than well enough without this old man holding them up.

Anyway, after lunch ,re-envigorated into the main building and more sneaky tactics - always remember to check EVERY room - a hiding Yosser took out about 3 or 4 players with some righteous pistol kills before the REDS woke up and managed to kill me. Nice days airsofting!

Our glorious leader takes some great in game action photo's check out the slide show from the game:

Video by Nutz

I ALWAYS know its been a great days airsofting cause I get home covered in BB marks, tired and knackered and ready for bed!

Thank you all at SWAT that make our days 'softin' so good.

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