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Posted by Unknown On Monday, June 11, 2012

More Airsoft Action from AAF5
19th May 2012
- Reviewed by Yosser

The 5th Airsoft Arms Fair held biannually at The Grange, Balsall Common in the West Midlands is fast becoming a Mecca for airsofters from all around the country to buy, sell and checkout the latest wares, demos and keep in touch with everything airsoft.

Bamf & I made sure we got there early and being part of the Airsoft media press pack we got early bird access to checkout all that airsoft & tactical gear wholesomeness on show.

The layout was swapped around a little this year with most sellers located in a large marquee and included show regulars like Airsoft-Direct, The Shop @ the Grange, Swindon Airsoft & Badger Tac to name but a few, whilst newcomers Klarus UK showed off a great range of tactical lighting solutions and Red Wolf Airsoft gave a taste of things to come with a great display of kit on sale, which was just a small sample of the kit they’ll be offering in their recently announced NEW UK retail outlet.

Outside the usual private sellers were on show with some great second hand bargains to be had, how easy it is to sell your old RIFS knowing that the people you’re selling to have been pre-checked for a Skirmishers defence – takes the hassle out of selling for both the private sellers and retailers! Also outside with a great display was newcomer to the AAF, Iain from Milspec Solutions showing off a great range of GBB rifles & Pistols and a nice range in hospitality with drinks and sandwiches for visitors to his stand. Milspec also kindly gave us EXCLUSIVE access to WE’s first AEG which we checked out on the AAF’s own ‘proving grounds’ (check out the video here).

AAF Montage - did YOU get in the video?

AAF5 Images by Yosser - Airsoft Odyssey ©

Edgar Brothers Airsoft along with Stirling Airsoft presented BOOM! This consisted of airsoft CQB Training Lanes AND Vehicle Assault. Also available for preview Edgar Brothers had on display some new KWA products to the UK – the KWA ATP (the glock-a-like Advanced Training Pistol) and new from the USA the KWA SR10/SR15 AEG rifles, also a very nice range in Smith Optics who produce ballistic lenses and goggles for real deal operators or airsoft use.

Airsoft Odyssey was able to grab some exclusive interviews and product testing including an interview with Ratty from Badger-Tac about the Celcius CTW M4 CQB Team Alpha (Video Coming Soon), while Bamf chatted with Wookie look-a-like, Hotdog from Custom Sniper Equipment’s with his hand made Ghillies, and I caught up with Matt Furey-King to talk about all things UKAPU (Video Here).

Sadly, we were so busy the whole day we didn’t make it to Clarence Lai ‘The Airsoft Surgeon’ workshop on everything Practical Pistol Shooting, maybe next time. It’s so great to meet, greet and chat with fellow airsofters, I even met a few people who had liked some of the reviews and Youtube video’s and Bamf got to meet one of his own Youtube hero’s in the form of ‘Arclight’ from the Red Wolf Airsoft. You never know who you might meet @ AAF!

I’m not sure how they’ll squeeze much more into AAF for future events, but I sure hope they do! We had a great time, thanks AAF and paraphrasing those famous last word “We’ll be back” – see you all for the next one on 6th October 2012 – better get those tickets booked now for AAF6!

The blog would like to Thank and Big Up the following retailers and exhibitors for their hospitality and assistance – Jim and Marie @ AAF, Matt and crew from Airsoft-Direct, Carl & Jennie from the Edgar Brothers Airsoft stand, Iain & Wendy at Milspec Solutions, Hotdog from Custom Sniper Equipment and Ratty from Badger-Tac, without whom videos could not have been made, sandwiches consumed, and displays wrecked! And of course UKAPU!

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