Aegis ARC Eye Pro Review

Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, June 20, 2012


AEGIS ARC Eyeshield
eye pro by Smith Optics

- Review by Yosser

Eye protection is the MUST HAVE for airsoft and new to the UK shores is the range from Smith Optics brought to us by official UK distributor Edgar Bros.

The AEGIS ARC EYESHIELD eye pro not only looks good but meets US MIL-PRF-31013 and ANSI Z87.1 standards – these cover shaped projectile velocities from 640 to 660 FPS & ‘High mass’ impacts, so you can be sure these will give excellent protection for airsofters. Plus each of the AEGIS eye pro lenses carries a unique serial number which allows the end user to get a measure of the quality and depth of care that goes into each product because it leads ultimate traceability and quality assurance. You know if you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.

Aegis Arc Field Kit Aegis Arc Field Kit

The glasses come in a very nice utility case described a ‘Compact Field Kit’ which you can clip onto a bag or attach to a belt or Molle webbing if you wish. The compact field kit contains the frame, smoke & clear lenses along with an anti-fog cleaning cloth and a nice Smith Optics sticker for the old gun case as well as an easy clip on band which attaches onto the arms and can help the glasses stay secured to your head. The spare lens even comes in its own soft draw string bag. Lenses will be available separately but if you want the Amber lenses as well better order the Deluxe Field Kit which comes equipped with that as standard. Now the kit I have got contains the Multicam coloured frames but these are available in both black & tan from your local stockist.

Aegis Clear Aegis Grey
Aegis lenses and fit Multicam Frame

As soon as I put these on I noticed how light weight they are, and with absolutely no pressure on either the ears or on the forehead from the frames. The wrap around design along with straight forehead framing give them a very modern look and the lens shape is well fitted to enclose the eye and shaped to give a loose closure between cheek and lens. These glasses provide an excellent choice between standard shooting glasses (which leave gaps between cheek and frame) and the closed cup type glasses or goggles which not all of us can get along with. The lenses have also been manufactured so that no distortion is apparent due to the lens shape and curve – which I must say I found to be some of the clearest I’ve ever used, just use the correct cloth and take care of them – but if accidents should occur you can easily purchase replacement lenses. Swapping or replacing the lenses is pretty easily achieved just by opening a couple of locking levers situated on the top of the frames; just follow the well documented instructions to avoid confusion.

Clear Grey Yellow Ignitor
Lens options for the Smith Optics Aegis ARC Eyeshields

The straight top line formed by the frames means they should sit well for those using this system with Ops-Core ‘Bump’ Helmets or other head gear types like Mich helmets etc – I tried this with my replica ‘LATCH Helmet’ and the top didn’t interfere at all with the glasses it should also be noted that these have been designed to not interfere with headset comms gear so these should be extremely easy to integrate with most airsofting load outs.

Some airsofters will also be pleased to know that you can even use your prescription lenses with the AEGIS ARC EYESHIELDS eye pro shields via the Smith Optics Interchangeable RX System which allows the EliteRXCarrier to be used with them, great news for glasses wearers. They even do a great line in tactical lifestyle sunglasses; check out the full range from your local dealer. I think I’ll be checking them out as well!

• PivLock Lens Interchange Technology allows for fast lens exchange
• Super thin alloy temples fit cleanly under ear pro without breaking the seal
• Temples are moldable for the best fit
• Meets US Mil Spec MIL-PRF-31013 and ANSI Z87.1 standards
• Designed for extended wear – eliminates pressure points
• 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays
• Compatible with all Aegis lenses
• Tapered Lens Technology corrects distortion
• Anti-fog and scratch resistant coating on all lenses
• Available as a complete kit or as a replacement frame
• Good fit for hat size 7 1/4 or greater


Checkout the FULL range on the SmithOptics website (click this link) or goto the Edgar Bros. website by clicking the banner at the end of the page.

Yosser says: its the latest addition to MY kit bag - Smith Optics have produced a great range of eye pro - no matter what your taste there's bound to be something in it for most airsofters or those shooting real steel. UK RRP for this Multicam Field Kit is £71.99 and the Deluxe kit £89.99

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