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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, June 07, 2012

Patrol Base - Huddersfield
- a visit & review
by Alex 'Buddy' Holly

I decided a visit to Patrol Base was in order to collect supplies for my team Alpha Wolf and also take a look at what they had to offer. I have to say, I was very impressed. I was expecting a fairly small unit and was surprised to find a fully equipped shop boasting a huge range of stock. Not only do they have a large selection of RIFs and other airsoft accoutrements, they also have a varied selection of camping equipment, hunting goods and militaria. The friendly staff are clearly avid airsofters themselves and their enthusiasm is obvious. They also offer airsoft maintenance and modification services to those of us not confident enough to tinker inside our guns.

PBGunWall1 PBGunWall2
Wall of RIF's @ Patrol Base, Huddersfield

The great advantage for a physical shop is the try-before-you-buy factor. Like most airsofters, I am constantly browsing websites and looking at RIFs I would like to own. Having the opportunity to actually pick up and hold these weapons really gives you a better feel for what they are really like, nothing beats that physical presence you get when handling a RIF. The same can be said for clothing as you can actually try stuff on, ensuring a better fit than you may get from clothing ordered online, especially as sizes can differ from brand to brand.

PBGunWall1 PBGunWall2
From Clothing to Spares, & AEG's everything airsoft @ Patrol Base, Huddersfield

I would strongly recommend a visit to this shop for any airsofters based in the North of England. Many thanks to Ratty and all the staff for helping me out and keeping my two-year-old entertained while I browsed their wares.

To plan your road trip (highly recommended) here's the physical address for your sat Navs:
Patrol Base Limited
Unit 5 Dale Street Mills

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