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Custom Sniper Equipment
@ AAF5-BAMF reports for Airsoft Odyssey

EVEN MORE AAF5 EXCLUSIVES Bamf gets up close and personal with a Wookie, or is that a moving bush, nope sorry it's HOTDOG from Custom Sniper Equipment about his custom Ghillie Capes and some of the other handmade custom items for sale on his private sellers stall at AAF5, including a baby Ghillie to start them off young in the craft!

Bamf gets close to a Wookie - nope sorry I mean HOTDOG about the Custom Sniper Equipment Ghillie Cape:

Video by Airsoft Odyssey

Orders can be made via the Custom Sniper Equipment Facebook Page Here (click to visit) & if you want to find out more click to see the previous BLOG ARTICLE HERE for more pictures and details.

Special thanks to HOTDOG for this.

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