Umarex HK417D Review

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, August 07, 2012

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Umarex H&K 417D
- Reviewed by Yosser.

The Umarex HK417D is an AEG I have waited long and patiently for, so when mine arrived courtesy of those nice Badgers at Mad Badger Airsoft I couldn’t resist just ripping straight into the packaging.

Umarex HK417DLHS Umarex HK417DRHS
Umarex HK417D (click for larger Image

The box was rather understated but gave off the air of a classy product with the assurance that I had an official UK product (so no grey imports unlike some suppliers of this product) – the box also has a unique serial number which matches the AEG inside the box – so UK support, should it be needed shouldn’t be a problem from official UK distributors ARMEX. Mind you quality shouldn’t be an issue as this little beauty is manufactured by VFC for Umarex the official H&K license holder.

Armex UK badge AEG Serial Number
ARMEX Offical UK Distributors & Unique Serial Number

Pulling the HK417D out of the box you notice the heft on this quite weighty AEG which if your used to lighter plastic type AEG’s may take some getting used to, but this just made my smile bigger. Full CnC’d upper and lower receiver and full single piece RIS front end with the top rail numbered 1 to 40 with rails 19/20 where the receiver meets RIS foreguard.

Check out the Umarex's HK417D in action showing its real trade markings:

HK417D Video © Airsoft Odyssey

Markings on the AEG are accurate to the original weapon with the only difference being the small ‘Cal, 6mm BB’ marked on the RHS just above the pistol grip.. Continuing on the RHS are the usual Safe, Semi, Auto symbol markings; on the magazine well a mag release catch and marked clearly for the world to see the Heckler & Koch GmbH and licensed Trade Mark notice, with a nicely placed warning for any one staring down the barrel on the front of the magwell ‘Warning Read operators manual before use’. Forward assist as standard and like the real steel counterpart a Nylon Fiber Dust Cover which covers a wheel type hop-up unit. The LHS magwell contains the more interesting HK logo and the model ‘HK417D’ and ‘Cal. 7.62 x 51’. Even the upper receiver gets a small ‘HK’ logo just before the RIS section. The fire selector is only present on this side of the AEG, and again with the same symbols as on the RHS, above these is the unique serial number for the AEG which should match those on the box. Looking at the receiver in profile this has to be much thinner than most M4 bodies I’ve seen and I’m told contains a version 2.2 gearbox which probably accounts for the lack of ambidextrous fire selector. You will notice that even the pistol grip on this AEG is angled differently to that on a M4 type rifle, its shape and fit I feel is much much better, even the motor height adjustment has a small twist on cover that hides a Hex screw.

LHSmarkings417D RHSmarkings417D Frontmarkings417D
HK417D Real Trade Receiver Markings

Again just like the real steel version it features a much larger stock tube which means it can accommodate larger lipo batteries although I do feel that more flexible silicone wiring could have been used. The club foot stock is the best quality I’ve seen and the way the butt pad twists and locks on in order to change battery should mean you won’t lose it mid game. Of course it’s adjustable and has various left and right mounting points for slings but lacks any QD points.

I do like the diopter style sights which are classic for H&K weapons as well as the classic crescent like foresight, all of which are removable should you wish to add optics or just change them. I did read somewhere that the AEG lacks a bayonet fixing, you can affix a replica K-bar style bayonet but it would require the longer barrel version – the 3 inch barrel is easily removed but as yet I’ve still to see any accessories or add-ons for this AEG.

Club Foot Stock RHS Foward Assist & Diopter Sight
HK 417D ClubFoot Stock & Diopter Sight

The AEG comes with one of the best looking 100 rnd mid-cap magazines I’ve seen with replica 7.62 cal bullets fully displayed in the clear style magazine, I’ve yet to see spare mags or hi-caps available yet, but suppose they will be not long in arriving to these shores.

Weapon stats:
• Full Metal
• Power: 360fps
• Magazine: HK417 Mid Cap 100 Rounds
• Real H&K Trade Marks
• Working Bolt Catch
• Weight: 3.80kg
• Length: 800 - 880mm
• Battery: Stock tube lipo / crane battery with mini Tamyia
• Twist off butt stock for quick battery change

Yosser says: This is a great AEG although some will find it pricey, but you do get what you pay for as this AEG exudes quality in every inch. The lack of spare mags may put off some potential purchases but those won’t be long in coming for what is bound to be a classic ‘must have’ for airsofters. The large stock tube gives you plenty of battery options and you wont struggle to change them quickly with the setup they have going. My first AEG was a 416 and its bigger brother brought back to me that first love of H&K’s. Get yours before they sell out, this definitely one AEG that will last and last, although the version 2.2 gearbox is a bit of an unknown quantity for me.

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  1. Phil A. Said,

    You've said that the outer barrel extension comes off, but does the flash hider twist off as well?

    Posted on December 24, 2012 at 9:54 AM

  2. Unknown Said,

    Phil it looks like its made to but it was well put on so as it had to go back to the retailers i couldnt risk damaging it.

    Posted on December 25, 2012 at 10:57 AM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Both comes off...the flash hider is glued. The "pin" is just for looks.
    I heated the flash hider with a butane torch and used a wrench, came off without issues :)

    Posted on August 9, 2013 at 5:14 PM


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