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Posted by Unknown On Friday, September 07, 2012

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Airsoft Odyssey has long been a fan of the Airsoftology Podcast and crew and has been there since the very beginning (both being formed around the same time actually). Those unfamiliar with the show will find a humourous and fun look at all things airsoft by the zany crew headed up by Jonathan Higgs.

Airsoft Odyssey & VTG on Episode #56 Airsoftology

The show has now made it onto Episode #56 titled 'Fabulous' and you get them either on-line or downloaded and via your ipods/Mp3 devices (or stream them of course).

Airsoft Odyssey of course gets a notable mention in the show (in the news section, so you don't have to wait too long!), along with links in the show notes for bringing to the attention of the airsofting community the Versatile Training Grenade and the BFGX - it's great that the mighty US show picks this stuff up and shows the importance that UK make & produced kit can impact a global market, especially in a market dominated by Asian and US companies.

So a big up to Airsoftology and a thank you for some publicity to this small little UK blog and of course from Yosser (pronounced Y-o-Z-Z-e-r) one day they'll get it right (maybe).

Thanks for the links as well to Airsoft Odyssey blog - I'll return the favour when revising mine soon.

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