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Posted by Unknown On Friday, October 12, 2012

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Milspec Raptor M4 CQB
Debute @ AAF6

The Milspec/Raptor M4 CQB is the result of a great collaboration between MilspecSolutions.co.uk and Raptor Airsoft coming together to offer the airsofter a greater choice and the option to provide upgraded/modified AEG’s whilst still providing a warranty for their newly purchased AEG.

The 1st up from this great collaboration is the Milspec/Raptor M4 CQB. This AEG was made to fill the gap in the WE M4 line up, as they only make the current AEG in a M4A1 model using a nylon hand guard, which stores the batteries. Being a CQB player Raptor Airsoft wanted something a little more compact with rails for adding vertical grips and lighting systems a must for the dark areas at my local site, SWAT Area51.

So, why use the WE M4A1 AEG as a base? It all comes down to price. With the base model of the WE M4 coming in at approximately £200 and the quality and resilience of it – our demo model has taken a hammering without missing a beat, this has proved its worth in my long airsofting experience, both as a airsoft player and as a tech.

The difference between the stock and CQB models are mainly aesthetic but they do make a difference. Firstly the gearbox is rear wired to run a Lipo in the stock tube and wired to Dean Connectors, I also changed out the bevel gears 8mm bushings for 8mm bearings keeping the sector and spur on the standard 8mm bushings. Fitted a G&P m120 motor to get the AEG running a little more snappy in semi auto fire and fitted a WE Knights type RIS hand guard that are built to the same spec as the real Knights RIS units. The barrel was changed to the 10 inch inner and outer to give a very compact look and feel to the AEG.

Check out the video featuring the Milspec/Raptor CQB M4:

Video © Airsoft Odyssey

Finally we fitted a copy of the real steel LMT crane stock with all the correct trades marks and a QD sling point. The stock itself cannot hold AEG batteries but can be used to store some spare CR123’s should they be needed in the field.

The result the Milspec/Raptor CQB M4 Mk18 MOD0 available for special order from MilspecSolutions.co.uk price £325

If you have any special requests for YOUR modified M4 please contact them directly

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