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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, October 09, 2012

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Versatile Training Grenade
Available NOW

The BIGGEST thing in AIRSOFT since the BFG first hit the scene is NOW available from www.blankfiringgrenade.com

Get YOURS now!
Check out this GREAT review from Caldymoose as he was one of the FIRST lucky purchasers on the day the VTG went on sale - so he has the FULL retail pack.

Caldymoose is an regular airsofter who enjoys his games at SWAT Urban Area51 so pay attention as this guys knows what he's talkin about on the subject:

Pictures/Video by Caldymoose
Caldymoose produces some great review videos on his channel and Airsoft Odyssey has been lucky enough to feature them - so please consider subscribing to his channel.

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Get YOUR VTG from the Blank Firing Grenade website:

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