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Posted by Unknown On Friday, November 16, 2012

Camogrom® Soft Shell Level5 Gen-III

- Reviewed by Yosser

A little over 2 years ago now, my first encounter with the Helikon brand was with the Camogrom Soft Shell Lvl5 Gen I Jacket and that really switched me on to the Helikon brand in general. Now, they say you should never go back as this can lead to disappointment, so I was a little hesitant when the guys at www.Military1st.co.uk asked me to revisit and update my review with the latest version of this soft shell, so here I’ll taking a look at the new Helikon Camogrom Soft Shell Jacket Level5 (version-II) labeled as Gen-III.

Now it has all the usual features you’d expect in a soft shell like durability, windproof, lightweight and comfortable but the one thing that struck me straightaway in comparison with the ‘old’ version was the colour. The Camogrom used is much more vivid in colour and now carries the Camogrom trademarked design with the words ‘Camogrom’ worked into the design. Labeling is much clearer on the inside with the tag telling us it’s made accordingly to US Army Specification along with the usual numbers and 98% Nylon 2% Spandex in the material mix.

Helikon Soft Shell Lvl5
Helikon Camogrom Soft Shell - left the new GEN-III

Now this version of the jacket has a few MAJOR improvements over its predecessor, like the new pockets added to the rear back of the jacket, handy for gloves or small items. The main jacket now sports a slightly longer main zipper but this time its two way zip allows you easy access rather than opening the jacket fully from the top. In another change making access to both the upper sleeve pockets, is the addition of a side zip with a zip pull. This has resulted in slightly reduced hook & loop real estate and the closing top flap to the pocket has been lost which was always good for a national/unit flag, but sadly that space is now gone. Main pockets remain unchanged (nicely angled as usual) as do the Velcro attachement points for name and branch tape areas. Under the arms are full ventilation slots with the usual zip closures while on the collar the hood closure flap is much larger but still easily opened and closed if you need to get to the concealed hood. The jacket retains the toggled draw string bottom seam which allows the wearer to adjust and tighten up the bottom of the jacket to help keep those drafts out and the cuffs still have an elasticated cuff with a Velcro adjustment to tighten on the wrist. One item lost with the improvements made was the mid-chest Velcro square which has been replaced by an epaulet style loop for a rank/unit slides.

Camogrom Logo Hood Center Line tab
Helikon Camogrom® Soft Shell Level5

Again the sizing is very generous but I’m guessing the sizing is more towards the US sizings and will allow plenty of room for layering. Helikon have not dropped the ball on this next generation and have really improved upon the original. I guess the old soft shell gets a retirement! Long live the NEW Camogrom Soft Shell Level5 Gen-III (version2).

Under Arm Inside Label Sleeve Pocket
Helikon Camogrom® pockets, labels & zips

Yosser says: Like its earlier incarnation the Helikon Camogrom Soft Shell Level5 is great for any outdoor activities you want to do in it and ideal for airsofters over a BDU set to help keep dry. Its easily stowed away in a backpack and handy to stuff into a day sack for a days exploring, it's so lightweight there's really no excuse for not taking it with you. Of course if Camogrom isn’t for you it comes available in Alpha Green as well for a more universal look.

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