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As a player and a supporter of UKAPU it's a sad time when a long serving member of the UKAPU org steps down and I'm sorry to say we are losing a very valuable member of UKAPU, outgoing Chairman Matt Furey-King. Good luck Matt in future endeavours and thanks for helping start it all off for us the players. Here's his message and news on whats happening at the forthcoming AGM.

Hello airsoft players,

Things have changed for me recently, I've taken on a time and brain power consuming new position at work which unfortunately has to take higher priority than my hobbies. It's also probable that I will be emigrating soon. As such I won't be able to continue as Chairman of UKAPU. I'd like to have held the position till the AGM but things are moving quicker for me than I can manage at the moment.

So, what the committee have decided to do, upon my resignation, is select (at a management meeting) Phil Bucknall (previously one of the co-opted position holders) as the temporary Chairman to fill the position till the AGM, at which Phil has nominated himself for the 2012-2013 chair. Phil can't guarantee that he'll have enough spare time to hold the position forever, but if you guys give him the support he needs he will do a fantastic job and I hope he will take the position on long term. Phil will ensure the survival and growth of UKAPU next year and he tells me he has some substantial objectives.

UKAPU Team with out going Chair Matt Furey-King far left
Unfortunately three other committee members have had changes in circumstances. Andy, our Secretary, would like to step down. If another candidate steps forward then he will not nominate himself at the AGM, as his spare time has become extremely limited, so we'd like to enable this and find a new secretary. Hayden, the registrar, has all but finished playing airsoft so has (quite reasonably) decided not to stand again. As such we really do need a new registrar, and whilst Hayden's role is quite time intensive at the moment, the committee will soon be making BIG changes to the membership system to alleviate workload on the new Registrar and to make it easier/quicker for people to join. Chris Neal also need to move on, so an interesting position as Press Officer is also Available. It would also be desirable to fill Phil's old position, Membership Benefits Manager. Many thanks to Chris, Andy and Hayden for their time in office.

I ask that you give Phil all the help that you can and thus make it possible for him to progress UKAPU next year, I am extremely grateful to him for taking this off my hands at a difficult time for me and you guys should be very grateful that he's doing it too, as without a good Chairman the association would face difficulties. I will be voting for him at the AGM and I recommend you do too (although it goes without saying, any member is still free to nominate themselves and run against Phil). We really need a few more of you to nominate as Registrar, PO and Secretary. These roles should not take too much of your time and you could very easily hold them for just a year and hand over a the 2013 AGM. I'm sure you will find it very interesting and you will certainly get to make a difference to UK airsoft.

I've really enjoyed my 3 years as Chairman and will stay as involved as I can with the association. I'll remain as president of the EAA for the foreseeable future as I still intend to straighten that organisation out before I leave the post and I was elected independently of my Chairmanship of UKAPU. Thank you all for your support and confidence, which as Chairman has enabled me to do something productive and interesting with my spare time and learn an awful lot. Its been great and I know the association will have another fantastic year. If you've not signed up yet, give these guys your support for a measly £5 a year, it is so worthwhile.

Our AGM (Annual General Meeting) Is on the 1st December 2012 at 1900hrs in Birmingham. You can find how to attend the AGM via the following page:
Please contact us via if you have questions or are interested in volunteering for a committee position.

Hope to catch you on the field sometime,

Matt Furey-King

I'm sure UK airsofters will join me in wishing Matt good luck in his career and thank him for his time, effort and devotion to protecting our hobby and managing the many demands required of such a position. GOOD LUCK & BEST WISHES.

If you want to get involved or join please contact UKAPU direct - you'll be helping UK Airsofting and helping yourself as well!

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