M1 Garand ICS or G&G

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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M1 Garand
ICS or G&G
by Mad Badger Airsoft

Mad Badger Air visited the Las Vegas Shot Show 2013 and have some interesting comments for anyone looking at adding a M1 Garand to their airsoft collection. Read more here….

ICS M1 Garand

ICS M1 Garand Receiver

ICS M1 Garand Closeup

ICS M1 Garand Furniture

ICS M1 Garand Working Action

ICS M1 Garand Working Action Closeup
“Today we visited the ICS stand at the Shot Show for an update on their version of the M1 Garand, and to make a comparison of the fit, finish and features with G&G’s version of the same.

The ICS Garand has been in development for some time now and is due for release by mid year (hopefully). The ICS features a real wood stock, all metal, zinc alloy, receiver and internals. ICS originally prototyped the original in 8mm but have now changed to the more standard airsoft 6mm version. The magazine is detachable from the bottom of the receiver by depressing a button and holds 42 rounds. Unfortunately we found that the bolt catch had already failed on ICS display model by day 3 of the Shot Show! The fps is planned to come in at around the 350 mark, making the gun suitable for the UK market without downgrading.

ICS state their market for this AEG to be collectors and airsofter skirmishers. David Tsao of ICS stated he felt the AEG would make a very good wall hanger for any collector. After a short discussion with other staff, David felt the gun was also lipo ready.

When comparing the finish of the ICS model to the G&G model, in our opinion the collector and serious re-enactor would be far happier with the look, feel and finish of the G&G reproduction. The ICS lacked some of the refinement of the G&G in the finish of the wood stock, the seals where wood and metal meet, and we noticed that the upper handguard was noticeably smaller in size from the lower handguard wood piece. Whereas, on the G&G reproduction, these issues do not exist and we could not fault the fit & finish, and the over all feel was very similar to the real steel version which we saw at the show. The wooden stock on the ICS was varnished, whereas the G&G was not, allowing the wood to be easily treated by the serious collector. This means that the G&G finish is closer to what would have come out of the real steel factory. Finally, the grain in the wood of the G&G illustrated the quality of the finish and the thought that had gone into selecting the wood for the stock. The retail price of both AEG’s is expected to be around the £380 to £440 mark."

Check out the G&G Shot Show 2013 Update to find out more about the G&G M1 Garand.

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