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Posted by Unknown On Monday, February 18, 2013

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MORE VTG Updates
- Colours and something special Intel by Yosser

Things NEVER stay still! Your away being distracted by all the new gear and all the new shiny things available at various shows and covered on all the Youtube vids and look what happens those VTG guys have been 'mixing it up' Again!

Original VTG BlackVTG Banana YellowVTG OD GreenVTG Tan

The original Versatile Training Grenade - VTG, is still available and gives the player a great base upon which to apply their own customisation options. Straight out of the box the original device comes usable with either 12 gauge blanks and a 9mm adaptor but also has a whole host of adaptors available for various calibres. This gives the device true versatility and can be used in most situations giving you that 'bang kill' even in the smallest of spaces without damaging your opponent’s ears! Check out the adaptors available on the website.

Also check out the awesome new colours!
Now Available

Want to stand out? then the Limited Edition Banana Yellow is for you - I'm quite fancying one of these!
Great in woodland or CQB venues- you won't spend long searching for this in dark areas or in bushes and thickets!
Stand out and get a YELLOW VTG! - it's Limited Edition though! Be Quick!

Olive Drab Green is also available - great for those who want a more low key approach to their gaming style. Of course all VTG's offer a good base for customisation of your own device - this is especially important to players to do due to their cost and desirability - start with OD is great start to any camo scheme you may wish to decorate YOUR VTG!
Let your imagination run wild!

And without Tan the VTG collection wouldn't be complete!
Please NOTE all these new colours are NOT painted onto the casings so the colours won't wear off, unlike a painted finish. The casings ARE these colours! So now you can match your load outs or get a great base to begin YOUR OWN customisation.

CALLING Airsoft Teams why not take advantage of the BULK order offer on all VTG & BFGX devices – to take advantage just download the PDF file HERE and follow the links in the document or contact direct for more details.

And we have some very special footage of the new Photoluminescent casing - again this isn't just a coating that will wear off! It's deep down photoluminescent! and will last for approx 4hrs glowing away! Never lose it! SWAT call it the Phólume

Video & Pictures courtesy of SWAT Training Devices©

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