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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Umarex @ IWA 2013
wih the Berretta ARX160
by Mad Badger Airsoft

Here Come the Italians!
Finally in Europe! The Berretta ARX160, first mentioned at the Las Vegas Shot Show 2013, on the stand @ IWA with gearbox, working bolt and ALMOST ready for the production run to start!

For those unaware of the Beretta ARX160, it follows a familiar M4 style, composed of two receivers, both manufactured mostly in polymer, and operates through a short-stroke piston system. The rifle feeds from the familiar STANAG style magazines.

The ARX160 rifle features include ambidextrous safeties, magazine catches and charging handle, the ability to change which side spent casings are ejected, a tool-less quick-change barrel which can be removed and replaced in seconds, and has picatinny rails and a foldable telescopic stock.

Umarex Berretta ARX160
Umarex Berretta ARX160 LHS - coming soon

This is one gun that many airsofters have been eagerly awaiting since the rifle first appeared with Italian Special Forces a few years back, and has been slowly under development as an airsoft rifle ever since. For those of us who are fans of this unique rifle, the development process and time taken has been long and as painful as that of the Tavor from a few years back.

On visiting the Umarex stand and saying hello to the guys, we noted behind them, the unmistakeable shape of the ARX160, with a member of Umarex team showing the gearbox to a visitor! We just stood there, not believing that we were now seeing an ARX160 with internal workings! Yes, there it was in all its pre-production glory before our very own eyes! All we could say at this point was, WOW! Recovering from the near faintness one felt at such an occasion, we quickly moved forward to the display to touch it and see if it was actually real, and not a mirage! The gearbox was inside!

Umarex Berretta ARX160
Umarex Berretta ARX160 RHS - coming soon

On examining the rifle we found that it was 1:1 scale, had a working bolt system, folding stock, very good sights that made you think of Magpul. When folding the stock and looking at the rear of the gearbox and you immediately notice the quick change spring. After speaking with the Umarex UK distributors rep Simon from Armex, Birmingham, he was able to reveal that the production run is set to go ahead after the show, and there will eventually be three models to suit budgets, arriving at dealers in time for summer. The rifle will consist of a full metal outer barrel, many metal components such as the gearbox, and very high quality polymer receivers. The rifle will have full Beretta trades laser engraved to both sides of the receiver and should strip-down in the same way as the real steel version. The rifle will be available through the Umarex dealer network later this year.

Coming soon via ARMEX UK!

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