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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Logo Comp
European Airsoft Association

The European Airsoft Association is entering a new phase and to mark this we are changing our branding. Most importantly we will be selecting a new logo which we are going to source from YOU, the airsoft players we represent at a European level. We invite airsofters from all over Europe to submit logo designs, initially in Jpeg format. Images must be around 2000x2000 pixels. Please submit your designs by the 29th April 2013, click on this link for details on how to submit your entry http://www.europeanairsoftassociation.eu/en/home/79-logo-competition.html

The winning designer will receive this superb prize pot, full of goodies which will enhance any players kit box!

We look forward to seeing your designs over the coming weeks. 2013 is going to be a great year for the world’s only extra-national airsoft association, so make sure your representative airsoft body is involved!

Matt Furey-King
President, European Airsoft Association

Checkout sponsors links above for prize details
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