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Posted by Unknown On Monday, June 10, 2013

"New Players Guide"

Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey is a big fan of the UK’s Airsoft Players Union and a fully paid up member! It’s great to see the UKAPU guys promoting UK airsoft and encouraging players from all over – and in order to answer some of those oft asked question have put together what is one of the most comprehensive guides to the UK airsoft scene I’ve ever seen!


“UKAPU has just published its 'Beginners Guide to UK Airsoft', which we hope will help encourage new players into our awesome hobby, answer some common questions and correct one or two misconceptions. Please do have a look, it’s worth a full read through if you are new to this world, but if you are simply looking for advice on a particular subject you will find that the contents is index linked”
The guide covers everything from AEG’s to how a typical game day runs and what kit is out there, as well as covering the VCRA act and loads more. The content is linked in the index so it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

So if you’ve still got questions about the ‘sport’ or have an annoying friend who keeps asking you questions about what gear they need, or how to get started or heaven forbid the age all VCRA questions direct them to this link it will answer most of their questions and get them off your back.

Check out the FULL guide:

Don’t forget membership of UKAPU only costs £5.00 per year, they have their own forums for some of the best advice around as well as a great discounts scheme for members so you could even save the cost of your membership on your next purchase by using one of the retailers offering exclusive member discounts!

UKAPU – helping protect UK airsoft!

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