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Posted by Unknown On Friday, January 17, 2014

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Shot Show 2014
Kryptek Booth - Mandrake Update
by Mad Badger Airsoft

Like last year Airsoft Odyssey has boots on the ground with Maree and Keith from Mad Badger Airsoft, this time checking out some of the less reported items from the show. We start with some exciting news from the Kryptek booth – those lucky Badgers!

Kryptek Mandrake
One of the highlights of Shot Show 2014 has been our two visits to the Kryptek booth! Over the past few days we have walked past, done some window shopping and tried to catch the eye of the booth manager to discuss a few suspicious new items that have appeared between last year and this year's show! We had walked by and walked by, noticing, wait for it…, camo tape, various sets of well camouflaged boots, and, and, and, green everywhere! Yes, Kryptex is finally launching Mandrake! So, what is mandrake you may ask? Well, it is about to take Europe by storm.

Mandrake, is Kryptek’s green pattern that is dark enough to easily fit in with three to four seasons of the Northern European climate! I would describe the pattern as medium to dark greens, with one bright shade mixed in to set the colour scheme off. Forget multicam that’s now old hat, this is the future!

Kryptek YetiKryptek NOMADKryptek Various
Kryptek Camo In Yeti, Nomad, Various display, Highlander & Typhon

What's more, they are not stopping at the uniform; which is the most modern and comfortable of uniforms that I have seen on the market. There are, wait for it, matching boots on the way from one of the United States best quality military manufacturers, hats (giggle hats where I come from - known as Boonies every where else - Yosser), and (I know what people are hoping!) CAMO TAPE! Yes, you can be totally Kryptek green from your toes to your hat, and everything in between with all your accessories covered, coming shortly if you’re in the US! I think I am in love! In fact, I think, matched with my new Stingerhawk Revision glasses as an accessory, I am back to the booth this afternoon to order my first set of pre-launch Kryptek green!

Highlander BootsHighlander Cowboy Boots

Kryptek MandrakeKryptek Pontus
Mandrake & Pontus patterns

Watch out for more from our Shot Show 2014 roving reporters Maree & Keith from Mad Badger Airsoft.

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  1. MBATV Said,

    As the author of the article, I am not a geardo to any extent (I usually wear old Israeli stuff or Polish Woodland) but this really impressed me. The military release has been out there with the basics for about a year. The head of Kryptek told me that this was done to gain market awareness and minor penetration. Now it is time for a full commerical, civilian release. The items we saw in Mandrake were incredible, and never being convinced by the other colours during the early release, I was sold by Mandrake head to toe collection! It will easily compete with A-Tac by the European airsoft market, and has simply a much better range of kit (after running between stands here in Vegas). Hope this helps.

    Posted on January 18, 2014 at 12:12 AM


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