Shot Show 2014

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 19, 2014

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Shot Show 2014
An Intro to the Show
by Mad Badger Airsoft

Sorry reports getting a little out of order as stuff is coming through thick and fast and sooo much of it to tell you all - So correspondents go off to Shot Show and what happens there? - the saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!". Well, apparently NOT! Maree gives us the low down on all the smoozing and celeb spotting! – those lucky Badgers!

Shot ShowMaree with R Lee Ermey

Well, another January, another visit to the Shot Show in Vegas. For the second year, the Airsoft Odyssey team has visited the Shot Show in its commitment to bring UK Airsofters the best from around the world.

For those who have not followed our adventures at the Shot Show, the show is held in Las Vegas each year at the Sands Convention Centre on the Vegas Strip and is the largest show of its kind in the world. The show is an extravaganza of the present and future shooting industry, including, yes, Airsoft! It is held by the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation), and gathers the industry together from around the world. During the day there are hundreds of stands to visit, and during the evening, there are numerous shoots and special events held in casinos and restaurants right across Vegas.

There is also a shooting day for the press and industry, held at the Boulder City Gun Club. At the shoot day, every type of firearm is lined up over half a mile for you to wonder through and try, and compete against each other, at will. This year we shot 308 and .50 snipers out to almost 1000 yards, .556 rifles of all types, an auto AK, bump fire weapons, and pistols of every variety. After six hours of shooting everything you would ever wish, we felt that, again this year, our shooting desires were answered yet again!

Shot Show Range Dayon the Floor at Shot Show

With over 30 years shooting experience in several countries and shooting almost every calibre over the years, as well as IPSC and other competition shooting formats, in and out of service, we are uniquely equipped to apply this experience and try to bring to the UK and European Airsofter and weapons technology fans, updates on brands and technology, latest developments and airsoft developments; to match a UK and European interest and perspective. So, stay tuned to Airsoft Odyssey for our updates and reports from the 2014 Shot Show!

Check out one of the range vids - this one's the Steyr Aug:
They have lots on their Youtube Channel Mad Badger Airsoft TV including Barret 50 Cal, IWI TAR21 plus many more

Watch out for more from our Shot Show 2014 roving reporters Maree & Keith from Mad Badger Airsoft. We have loads of intel from the guys so I can promise loads more to come!

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