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Armoury KitBag
Ace 1 Arms
WE M&P Salient Arms Tier 1
Standard Slide Set
Review and Install Guide - by JJRaptor

BarrelFront Fibre SightSight MountRear Sight
I’ve had this slide on pre-order with CRW airsoft in HK since early December, on the 27th I received an email from CRW to say they had shipped the set to me and it landed on my door step on the 30th!

It is packed in a simple clear plastic box with foam packing inside to protect the slide, I got the set out of the packing and went over all the parts, there was not a single mark on any part, so they get 10 out of 10 for packing.

Included in the set are:
SAI tier 1 standard slide
Outer barrel
Front and rear sights
Fake extractor
Steel recoil spring guide and 130% recoil spring

There are two slide and barrel options on this kit, either the Black slide and golden barrel or FDE slide and black barrel. I went for the Black slide set, although when I say its black it’s more of a dark grey with black sights and fake extractor. The slide is fully CNC’d and from looking at photo’s of the real SAI slide it’s based on every cut with the profile looks like its real counterpart even down to the great Smith and Wesson logo on the side of the slide. The paint has not shown any signs of wear yet but as we know only time will tell on that but for now it looks resistant.

Fitting all the parts is very simple, the first job is to fit the well made fake extractor, it fits the slide well and it all the lining matchs on the out side, once the extractor is in place the standard WE BBU drops in place with no resistance or wobble, now you have to place the SAI rear sight in place and secure the BBU by using the standard WE BBU screw. Again the rear sight is well made and looks to be cnc’d with an excellent finish and sits true in its place.

Slide DetailSight PositionSlide RearFull Slide
WE M&P Salient Arms Tier 1 Standard Slide Set

Black/Gold Slide DetailThe next part for me was fitting the inner barrel and hop unit in place, before you do this make sure you lube up the O ring hidden at the end out the outer barrel, this O ring is meant to keep the inner barrel stable during use and I think it’s a nice touch to include it.
The outer barrel I have is the golden unit and till I had it in my hand I was unsure of the colour but I am very happy with it now I have seen it in the flesh. It has a metallic finish to it and the SAI trade marks are nice and clear. Fitting the inner barrel hop unit is just a matter of sliding it in to place and then fitting it to the gun.

Slide S&W LogosNow on to the steel spring guide it comes with a 130% recoil spring fitted to help keep the gun nice and snappy in use and is well made with a dark chrome finish, before you fit this you might want to unscrew the end cap and put a little drop of thread lock to help keep it in place as I noticed after 2 magazines it had become lose. Fitting the unit in to place as you would the standard unit it fits in to place as it should.

Assembled Slide UndersideAssembled Slide

The slide is now all together and the only part to fit is the front sight, now this is a little different to most slide sets I have fitted in the past with it using a small allen type grub screw to secure it to the slide, the slide its self has a small locating indent for the grub screw to locate in to. Once you have the sight in place its just a matter of fitting the supplied fibre in the hole and using a lighter to melt the ends (this only takes a second be aware though the flame does not need to touch the fibre).

Spring & GuideAssembled Slide

Your slide is now fully built up, I used plenty of lube on the slide rails and slowly fitted it to the WE lower expecting some bits of filling and general modifications but was surprised to find it just dropped on with no extra work needed. With a magazine loaded and gassed up I fired it off and the gun worked as it should locking back after the last BB was fired.

Slide fittedAfter a trial fire I took a moment to look over the outer barrel for any marks or signs of the paint being removed and even now after 6+ magazines the outer barrel is still as clean as the day it was fitted. The only mark on the slide I have noticed is due to the last bb when it goes to lock back the slide cut out hits the back of the slide catch and is starting to mark the slide.

This is by far one of the best SAI slide kits I have fitted and to boot its one of the cheaper units on the market ACE 1 ARMS have done an excellent job.

Tools needed for fitting:
Philips screw driver
Small allen key set ( I think it’s a 0.7 key but cant be 100% as it was just lose in the tool box )
Lube for the slide and barrel O ring (I used GHK gbb lube from Milspec Solutions)

Skill needed for fitting:
If you can strip your current slide you can fit this unit with ease!

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    How well does the slide fit to the gun ? The glockslides that were released recently was apparently VERY loose and rattled like crazy. Is it the same thing with this model ?

    Thank you.

    Posted on February 7, 2014 at 9:09 AM


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