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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, April 08, 2014

- Reviewed by Yosser

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For such a long time now I’ve been happily using my Helikon Utility Pack (reviewed here). In fact this was the 1st bit of kit that introduced me to the Helikon brand. Since then, I’ve reviewed lots of Helikon gear and because I was in the market for a larger EDC, ‘manbag’, call them what you will, I naturally turned once again to Helikon.

So considering my requirement for a courier style bag, waterproof, tacticool of course goes without saying plus one that can be used as an EDC (every day carry) not just for airsoft, but also for work and for ‘journalistic’ duties such as carrying cameras, lenses, BB’s and a range bag as well, in fact everything I might need when visiting places either on duty or off! I already have plenty of backpacks and wanted something mid size so the WOMBAT attracted my attention with its carry capacity. So let’s see how this shapes up.

If you’re familiar with the larger style courier packs you’ll know exactly what this pack is about. It’s a slightly smaller design along the same format so familiar with laptop owners. This pack has some nice features that generally you only get to see on higher end more costly bags of this type.

Firstly the bag is waterproof, important if you’re carrying batteries and other electronic or sensitive gear on board. I love the fast access to the main compartment via a long concealed (under a storm flap) top zipper on the pack, great for camera operators for quick access. You should note that all the zips are quality YKK zips and have plastic covered zip pulls, again making it easy for glove users. This is good for both airsofters or on a cold days hiking. The main compartment is closed via a large buckled flap which features a 2 way zip. The flap is covered in molle for the addition of more pouches should you need it, so are the sides of this pack, which I would suggest is a more practical placement for additional pouches. The flap is closed by Duraflex buckles which are adjustable depending upon how much you stuff the pack with will determine how much you need to loosen these up. As is now usual, the front features a Velcro patch section also incorporating molle, giving you the choice of patches or more real estate for pouches. The flap features a quick access zipper for small items you might need access to.

Open the 2 snap buckles and lift up the flap and as described earlier the main compartment is still closed by its zips, so no danger of kit dropping out accidently when you’re just getting to the large admin area of the bag. This features expandable pockets with multiple inner sleeves with pen slots and plenty big enough for a note book, or wires, mice, batteries or even a Blank Firing Grenade plus ammo. I like the handy quick clip, useful for keys.

Now onto the main compartment of the Wombat, this comes complete with a padded pocket with outer MOLLE and elastic straps for the attachment of additional accessories or pouches, nice touch I feel as it gives you further organisational options. The padded inner pocket is secured with a Nylon strap with Velcro and will comfortably fit a 10” Android tablet, or iPad, netbook, I would add additional padding via a protective case though! The compartment also has two side sleeve pockets, handy for water bottles or BB bottles and a large zippered mesh pocket. At the bottom is a drainage hole for the compartment should the inside ever get wet.

Helikon WOMBAT internalHelikon WOMBAT MOLLE internals
Helikon Wombat pack

Back on the outside again you have a number of carry options with a padded removable, swivel shoulder strap also featuring molle loops plus a padded waist strap as well, useful if you cycle to work and keeps the pack at your side if adjusted correctly. The pack also features a removable grab handle, which if I’m honest I don’t feel is a long term carry solution and I think they should have made this more substantial like their old Utility pouch, but it shouldn’t affect me too much to be fair, I think I’ll be removing mine. To round the pack off it even has a small zippered pocket on the back of the pack as well.

Yosser says: This WOMBAT is aptly named after its Australian marsupial namesake – it’s extremely adaptable no matter what the terrain, from an airsoft skirmish field, for leaving accessible kit at your FOB for later use in game. Or carrying a ipad or netbook into work along with your packed lunch into deepest darkest Manchester, or gear along to a photoshoot or trade event. Its courier style format is versatile and practical with the quick load through top zip into the main compartment means you get quick access to whatever kit you need to hand straight away without messing with the buckles.

The Helikon WOMBAT is available in PL-Woodland, black, olive green, ATACS-AU, Coyote and Camogrom - contact your stockist for availability.

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