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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, May 01, 2014

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SWAT Range prizesSWAT Range MedalsYosser presents medal to 3rd place winner Ste2nd Place winner Ken presented by Yosser1st Place Winner Mini Wico with SWAT Nutz and Titch presenting prize1st Place Winner Mini Wico with proud dad WicoYoung Matt a former winner took part

SWAT Range concluded its recent BIG competition on Sunday 27th April 2014.

Entrants had to complete what we called a ‘Dynamic Pistol Range’ which involved quickly traversing 3 firing points and 7 targets in the quickest time, utilising P.A.S. (Practical Action Shooting) rules, a bit like IPSC but much easier and allows the full use of standard skirmish kit and weapons. The pistol course even involved a twist, a no shoot target right at the end which if shot added a 10 sec penalty to the completion time. Completion times where converted straight to points with the top 3 positions earning a medal. The first prize winner also won a Magpul PTS AKM Masada kindly donated by S.W.A.T. Fortress a prize which many were eager to get.

We ran the competition throughout March and April to give everyone attending SWAT Fortress ample opportunity to enter and entrants appeared to enjoy the challenge with many coming back to re-enter just to beat their mates times and of course improve their own. The shooting course fostered a good spirit of competition between players and exposed PAS to a good selection of airsofters.

With a great turn out battling for the top 3 positions on the last day of competition, the winner was Mini Wico who put in a great time with her Raptor Airsoft supplied pistol, showing that youth is a definite advantage on these courses. 2nd place went to Ken Lee who for most of the weeks held the top spot until he was pipped to the first place by Mini Wico on the final day, and third place to Ste Cartwright with another Raptor Airsoft Supplied gbb pistol.

Well done to all who participated and I’ve published the best times below to show people the range of times put in. Please note only the players highest time are shown.

Final positions below:
Mini Wico - 0941
Ken Lee - 0984
Ste - 1002
Dan O'G - 1067
Wico - 1156
Dave L - 1160
Kev A - 1190
Eddy - 1231
Matt H - 1259
Liam - 1359
Tom C - 1418
Ollie - 1470
Quin - 1584
Dan R 1599
Jon - 1653
Stevie G - 1669
The SWAT range is open most Sundays and runs occasional competitions, like & follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest intel on events and competitions.

All range charges are reasonable and you don’t have to come down to the site to skirmish. You can just come down and use the range if you want! The range runs most Sundays when a skirmish day is running, eye protection MUST be worn when entering and leaving the range (and obviously on the range itself) as this opens out into a potential gaming area.

Range Charges:
Pack of ten targets - £1.00
Plinking all day on our metal knock down targets - £5.00 (part day £2.50)
Competition entry fees apply

SWAT Range is located at the FORTRESS, address details are:

Boundary Lane
Liverpool L6 9BY
entrance in on Hygeia St - off Severs St (which is off Boundary Lane)

Check the S.W.A.T. Urban website for more pictures and Intel on the site http://www.swaturban.com/

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