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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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- Reviewed by Yosser

Smart GasSmart GasSmart GasSmart GasSmart Gas
We seem to have had a lot of buzz around lately about airsoft gases – and a whole lot of hot air (or should that be cold!) has been blown around about various brands. Some brands through combinations of hype and good branding/marketing are achieving great coverage across the airsoft interwebs despite their high price tags. Here’s something bucking the trend, I have just gained access to another new entrant to the whole airsoft gas arena, which seems to get busier by the minute, this time it’s SMART GAS, Airsoft Green Gas.

This gas comes in a variety of handy sizes offering a great deal of options for kit bags or in game quick carry packs for your airsoft needs. It is available in a small compact and very useful as an in game carry 100ml size which easily fits in a pouch. But if you’re after a larger capacity also comes in 400 and 1000ml sizes. Although you might have some difficulty carrying the larger capacity around in a pouch, unless it’s a hydration sized pouch or backpack. Definitely one for leaving in the safe zone I think.

The gas is a green gas with extra added silicone. The advantage this offers over a standard gas is the extra lubrication which gas blow backs require for the continued smooth fault free operation, The silicone also helps keeps those gas seals in the magazines and parts in the pistol operating in tip top condition as most will dry out and fail without it. In general use, you should never leave a magazine totally empty due to the possibility of the seals drying out as this will lead to leaky magazines.

Now this gas is advertised as offering up to a 20% more power at lower temperatures – this was not something I could test given the time of year but what I did notice was a more consistent FPS from the pistol I used to conduct the testing. Using a ‘standard’ gas for the first shot I achieved a reading of 290 fps with most shots falling between 270 and 280 with a significant drop off in power as the magazine was expended with a few shots falling below 260 then rising back to 274 fps. Using the Smart Gas, fps was a more consistent 277 pretty much throughout the whole magazine being expended, but as you would expect the final shots as it ran out also dropped off significantly. Nothing unusual in that, but I was impressed by a good steady power output on average using this gas.

Yosser says: Compared with other more colourful gases available these are in danger of being overlooked as they kind of look like furniture polish cans from the 1970’s, BUT don’t let that fool you, as you’d be overlooking a fully functional gas for your GBB pistol or rifle that might just cut down a little on the maintenance of the weapon and help save those seals. As for the price – it’s one I’ll be using as it stacks up against other gases and cheaper too!

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