5 Common Airsoft Beginner Mistakes

Posted by Unknown On Saturday, December 30, 2017

OutDoor EmpireAvoid these 5 Common Airsoft
Beginner Mistakes

Airsoft is an amazing community that one can easily join. There aren’t a lot of barriers to entry but there are some common mistakes you see with new players from time to time.

Here are the five biggest mistakes that new airsoft players make.

Sniper as a First Gun

It’s pretty common for those new to airsoft to go the sniper route, but this is also one of the most common mistakes for several reasons.

Sniping in airsoft is nothing like sniping in the real world. Airsoft sniper rifles don’t shoot very far, BBs can be disrupted by leaves, and often an airsoft sniper rifle isn’t any more accurate than any other airsoft rifle. Good airsoft sniper rifles are also expensive and have a slower rate of fire.

Real sniping can be quite tiresome as it involves a lot of patience and stillness. And there is no guarantee that you get to snipe anyone.

Trust me, it's a lot more fun to run and gun than to snipe. If you want some extra range and a sniper-like role, look into being a designated marksman.

A DM moves with a regular squad but may hang back in a firefight to make well-placed shots. In a pinch, they can instantly swap to a normal infantry role and start laying down fire.

Accessorising Too Much

It’s a lot of fun to have a rifle that can accept accessories. It’s very tempting to slap everything you possibly can on a rifle and roll with it. This includes an optic, a laser, flashlight, bipod, angled foregrip, and more.

While some accessories can be handy for some roles, they aren’t always needed. They tend to increase the weight of your gun and increase its price too. Before you begin slamming accessories on a rifle, examine how you play.

• Are you in the prone position a lot? If not, a bipod is useless.
• Do you play at night? If not, the flashlight is useless.
• Can you see and use the laser?

You see where I am going here? The two accessories I’d recommend are a good sling and a decent little red dot. The red dot is optional.

Not Focusing on Physical Fitness

Airsoft is an action sport. It requires a lot of moving, shooting, sprints and more. If you want to be a serious player, it’s good to be in shape. You need to be able to transition between multiple shooting positions rapidly.

Being healthy and physically fit isn’t just important to be a good player, but also to avoid injury. This includes little injuries like pulled muscles and more severe tears and pulls.

You are likely going to be playing outside and in the heat. If you aren’t in solid shape, acclimated, and eating and drinking healthy, you can sustain a heat injury. This includes heat stroke which can put you in the hospital.

Remember to focus on your physical self to be a safe and be and efficient player.

Not Spending Enough on Your First Gun

I’m a big proponent of spending wisely on your first airsoft gun. I’d never recommend some high-end 700-dollar gun to a newbie.

At the same time, I see new players investing in no name airsoft guns sold at flea markets and dollar stores. These guns are often junky Chinesium that usually break and fail. This frustrates new players all around and often turns them away from the sport.

One of the best beginner guns is the G&G Combat Machine M4. It’s affordable, reliable, and widely available. Spend about $100 to $200 on your weapon. There is a very simple saying we use, “Buy once, cry once.”

A good rifle is all you need to begin playing airsoft. Then after some time, you can get a handgun or even invest in another primary weapon. Starting with a rifle allows you to experiment with different roles and learn how the game is played.

Know Your Batteries

Batteries in AEGs can be finicky. You have to take care of these systems, and the cells are sensitive to neglect and abuse. Here are a few things to remember about AEG batteries.

• Only charge them for the recommended time.
• While playing, swap batteries if one becomes hot.
• Take the battery off the charger if it gets warm.
• Remove the battery when you’re done playing.
• A smart charger is an excellent idea if you’re absent minded about batteries.

Five Simple Rules

These five simple mistakes are easy to avoid so you can make your entry to airsoft smooth and easy.

It is important that when you make a mistake, learn from it. Never be afraid to ask questions. Airsofters are some of the friendliest people out there and most are more than willing to lend a hand when they can.

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