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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 18, 2009

ASG Reviews, Postings & Stuff Gathered Together Here

Lots of ASG Reviews and postings on the 'Specter' MWS and other great stuff like the CZ75 etc so to save you guys trawling through the site for them - Enjoy!

ASG's YHM licensed Specter MWS reviewed by Yosser checkout the links in the article to more great stuff about this fabulous AEG HERE...

ASG CZ75 P-07 DUTY CO2 Pistol
ASG CZ75 P-07 Duty Review
ASG's licensed CZ75 DUTY CO2 powered pistol reviewed by Yosser with some video of chrono and firing HERE...

ASG Ashbury ASW338LM Sniper Rifle
Olive P a SWAT regular reviews the very special ASG Ashbury ASW338LM sniper rifle, check his video as well ....HERE...

ASG Special Teams Carbine GBB Rifle
ASG Special Teams Carbine Review
ASG's Special Teams Carbine GBB rifle reviewed by Yosser and shows its versatility HERE...

ASG Rotex III Suppressor
ASG Rotex III Suppressor Review
Check out the ROTEX-III Suppressors by ASG... HERE...

ASG Ingram MAC10
ASG Ingram MAC10 Review
ASG's Ingram MAC10 AEP, just how good is it, will it stand on its own on the slimish field, find out more... HERE...

ASG Bersa BP9CC Review
ASG's licensed BERSA BP9CC CO2 powered pistol reviewed by Yosser joins the kitbag and pistol case, see the review HERE...

SoftGear is born and Airsoft Bob goes crazy with a YHM Specter MWS by ASG... HERE...

ASG YHM Specter
A sneak peek at the ASG Yankee Hill Machine Co Specter MWS... HERE...

ASG Special Teams Carbine
ASG Special Teams Carbine review coming soon of the GBB semi auto rifle. Check out the video of it in action.... HERE...

ASG launch the McMillan M40A3 Sniper Rifle with 420 FPS out the box. Power and precision, see

Exciting news from ASG with intel on the long awaited EVO3 A1 Scorpion. At last after a long wait,

News from ASG with their CNC'd Infinity motors, check it

ASG bring us the latest pistol in the CZ family to join their ranks - the CZ SP-01 SHADOW, check it

MadBadger on the ASG booth @IWA2013 checking out the CZ09 pistol on show, find out more

ASG news update from Shot Show 2013 by special reporters Mad Badger Airsoft. Find out

ASG with NEW StrikeSystems ProOptics dot sight, find out more

ASG launch the Bersa BP9CC ultra thin pistol, find out more

ASG's licenced B&T Barrel extension for the MP9, find out more

Win with ASG on facebook a very special Bersa BP9CC Pistol find out more

ASG M15A4 ARMALITE Carbine with LMT stock find out more

Licensed by Concern Izhmash, Russia, the original manufacturer of the legendary SVD & made by ASG. Find out more about the

Bio-degradable BB's 'Open Blaster' by ASG. Find out

ASG launch 'Ultimate Performance Pistons'. Find out more about them... here.

JOIN ASG on Facebook for MORE chances to win with 'OPEN TUESDAY'. Every Tuesday you could win a Months supply of BB's, find out more here.

JOIN ASG on Facebook for your chance to win an Ashbury ASW338LM sniper rifle, more here.

ASG Ashbury ASW338LM avialble from Mid-March 2012 at retailers, more here.

ASG launch the CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 @ ShotShow 2012 the down side is thats its a year away at least. Find out

ASG news flash from ShotShow 2012 with the ASW338LM Sniper Rifle licence from ASHBURY. Find out ALL about

ASG introduce a great shell ejecting STi 1911-A1 RSS Pistol. Find out ALL about

ASG announce the GBB M1 Carbine as the latest addition to their growing arsenal of airsoft weaponry here.

ASG with a new license for the LMT M203 grenade launch in LONG & SHORT versions, more here.

As I discovered ASG are BIG in the Aipsc scene and supply MADBULL Aipsc timers - also check out the competition (if your not too late) here.

ASG are proud to announce their Izhmash Dragunov SVD-S licence here.

ASG presents 2 new Dan Wesson Revolvers here.

ASG 'Specter' MWS Update with prices from UK dealers here.

ASG have news on their latest venture with the 'Specter' Modular Weapons System and the range of accessories that are launched with it here.


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