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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Googling Goggles!

Is it me, or are you always disappointed with various manufacturers promises of 'anti-fog' solutions or lenses?

Well after months of struggling through with my forever misting up Guarder c4 Glasses I've decided to splash out on new eye protection (at what value can you place on your sight, which is of course priceless!). With all the choices out there I decided to go trawling through the web for viable alternatives.

My preference was for something similar to my Guarder C4's with the choice of head strap or 'arms'. But did conclude that the traditional 'glass' lenses were out (due to the 'fogging' issues), leaving the only choice being 'mesh' lenses.

Plenty of choices when it comes to 'mesh' style goggles but the 'glasses' types seem in short supply. Also read a few scare stories regarding some of the DIY attempts floating around the Internet so decided NOT to go down that route. The search continued, so imagine my surprise when I came across 'Bitter End Airsoft Goggles', made with Stamped Steel inserts into various frame types.

I've chosen these Wylie SG1's and placed my order today:

So I'm hoping to say goodbye to potions and mixtures in the vain attempt to stave-off fogging lenses.

I hope to do a full review when they arrive and I've skirmished a few times with them next year!
Watch Out 2010!

Check out the link to the home of Bitter End Airsoft Goggles,


What great service you get from Bitter End! Only placed my 'special order' goggles (he has to get these shipped to him) and he e-mails to say that they're all done and on there way to me. Great Service, so highly recommended so far.

They've arrived! Just 2 weeks from order, customisation and shipping from USA to me in the UK. Great Service from Bitter End, more power to you. I hope you get plenty more orders for these great glasses.

Keep an eye out for a review soon!

Catch the FULL REVIEW here

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  1. Unknown Said,

    What great service from BitterEnd Airsoft Goggles. They arrived with me on 15th December 2009 so from end 2 end from ordering a little over 2 weeks and thats for a special order item. great Service I would say and the quality looks spot on.

    Posted on December 16, 2009 at 11:48 PM


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