HurtLocker2 @ SWAT

Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Special Frontline Dispatch

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HurtLocker 2

on 18/04/2010

Yet more great urban skimishing action at SWAT, Nr Chester.

This was Part Duex of the occasional skirmish series at SWAT known as Hurt Locker which loosely follows the film of the same name.

What more can I say that I havent already in the previous report from Part One. More great CQB action in the buildings with each inch fought for with great passion from both sides and of course my favorite street battles. The SF side saving the world and looking good doing it while the Jihadeema where resplendent in their tea towels and bed sheets! These skirmishes really bring 360 degree warfare to life. Eat your heart out Modern Warfare2!

Pictures By SWAT NUTZ.

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Just some of the comments by SWAT members:

"Great day all sides played there parts well"

"...would like to say a big thankyou to Nutz and the marshals for one of the best days at SWAT to date"

"Many thanks to Paul and the marshals for making this a great day!"

"awsome day as usual"

"...had a cracking day again, many thanks to all the players who attended and to Nutz and all his SWAT crew as usual for organising and running a smashing days skirmishing"

Do you have any memories from the day? Feel free to give us your comments from this great days Airsofting

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