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Thats 3 issues running now that SWAT makes it into UK airsofting mag Airsoft International.

One of the popular features for members that attend SWAT events @ SWAT Urban (Saighton Nr Chester, UK) are the great photos of the day taken by SWAT owner Paul aka Nutz. These provide a fantastic momento of the day's action and also gives players the chance to create some great screen savers and backgrounds for their PC's featuring themselves and their kit (it's where all the great pictures come from on the skirmish reports and despatches posted on this blog!).

The newest addition of AI Mag (Volume 6 Issue 1) features SWAT member LiAm. Step forward and take a bow LiAm.

Great picture Nutz. You should be proud of your work, the members and site are getting some good exposure from your efforts.

So if you think you look good in all your 'gucci' kit get those piccies into AI Mag and don't forget to tell them where you got the pictures!

This is the classic picture that made it this time:


LiAm can be seen here sporting a SF look with:

ICS M4 Para and fitted with some extra bling in the form of a replica Eotech and QD silencer.

For the airsoft fashionistas out there he is wearing Bulle Tri-colour trousers and Bulle Nyco Shirt with a Bulle Plate Carrier with cumberbund.

See other entries that made AI's gallery collection from SWAT:

Rizzo and his kit

Dutch looking good

Another mention for NUTZ here who takes the pictures freely for the use of SWAT members and provides a great reminder of the day. Many thanks for the use of these Nutz I'm sure all the SWAT massive are greatful. It's truely a great way for us all to pose with our kit.

See what your missing at SWAT now: (click the logo)



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