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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, April 15, 2010

SWAT Does it AGAIN! (in AI Magazine that is)

And yet again SWAT gets another picture in the newest addition of the brilliant UK published Airsoft magazine Airsoft International. (Volume 5 Issue 12).

This time its the turn of SWAT regular Rizzo. Congrats on getting exposure. Fame and fortune are sure to follow. Lets hope it lasts longer than 'Jedward' - LOL!

This is the picture that made it this time:

A mention for NUTZ here who takes the pictures freely for the use of SWAT members and provides a great reminder of the day. Many thanks for the use of these Nutz I'm sure all the SWAT massive are greatful for these. Its a great way for us all to pose with our kit.

See what your missing at SWAT now: (click the logo)



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