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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 18, 2009

SiG Postings/Stuff Gathered Together Here

Getting a lot of hits for the SiG so I thought I'd gather all of the SiG postings in one place to save you guys trawling through the site for them - Enjoy!

ICS SiG552
ICS SiG552 Review
Read the ICS SiG552 'Commando' Review by Yosser HERE...

KA SiG556 Shorty
King Arms SiG556 Review
Checkout the King Arms SiG556 'Shorty' Review by Yosser HERE...

Its the turn of the King Arms SiG556 'Shorty' to get the Airsoft Odyssey treatment on video, check it out and see gooood it looks...HERE...

ICS with news of their SG MRS series - a tactical fully railed SiG in 552 and 551 flavours to drool over. Find out more & see the pictures here.

ICS launch the SIG in flat Dark Earth colour and some Long Barrel versions as well. Find out more & see the pictures here.

More SiG552/551 Accessories by ICS this time its the 50 Rnd Milsim Mag, no winding, no noise, check it out here.

News about the soon to be released King Arms SiG556 DMR with Magpul Stock here.

SiG552 Accessories by ICS here.

QuadRailHGLaunch of ICS's new Quad rail accessory for the SiG552 'Commando' here.

ICS tactical GripNew ICS MTS Tactical Grip for the SiG552 'Commando' launch news here.

ICS battery guide for the SiG552 Commando here.

Coming Soon from KingArms a SiG556Holo! here.

G&G release GS550/SiG550 news & picture here.

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