ICS SIG 552 Quad Rail Handguard

Posted by Unknown On Thursday, April 15, 2010

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New From ICS the SIG 552 Quad Rail HandGuard

A new piece of Bling for your precious SiG552 'Commando' just released by ICS.

Introducing the NEW ICS SIG 552 Quad Rail Handguard. Part No.(MI-37)

This piece of kit looks the business to trick out your SiG 552 'Commando'.

See the picture below by ICS of their SiG fitted with optional parts including a LongBarrel, Top RiS Rail and Cheek Rest and of course the Quad Rail HandGuard.

The Quad Rail tactical Hand guard designed by ICS for their SiG552 utilises the Module Rail System. The materials used in production of this hand guard is an aluminium alloy from the aerospace industry and is compatible with the standard M-1913 standard for Picatinny rails.

ICS has cleverly increased the size of battery which can now be accommodated in this foregrip and state that it can hold a 4-3-3 format 12v Ni-MH.

This looks a great bit of kit.

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