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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, August 05, 2010


'Bitter End' Wiley SG1's Steel Stamped Goggles
- a Review by Yosser

For long enough I was happy with my Guarder C4's, I put up with the fogging issues they had, due to all the heat I'm generating during the CQB and indoor skirmishing, and no matter what concoction or potion I tried on the lenses they still fogged up - and we all know the dangers of taking off your eye protection for a quick clean! Well you get the picture! I eventually grew tired of this and went in search of a solution.

I looked at the Made In China ‘Wire mesh’ type but I found lots of horror stories surrounding these and I thought I’d run out of options until I came across ‘Bitter End’ stamped steel made goggles.

Ordering from the website couldn’t have been easier with a good choice of available types/styles along with custom options such as paint work etc, just ensure you read the FAQ on the website for common info such as shipping. Payment is easy enough via PayPal.

From ordering to delivery took less than two weeks! Great service when you think these are hand made and the style ordered, Wiley SG1’s, are ‘special order’ only and have a 4 to 5 day ‘lag’ due to ‘Bitter End’ having to order these in and all the way from the USA.

The goggles arrived well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with the obligatory polystyrene chips. The WileyX-SG1’s themselves came in their own semi-ridged case that can be attached to a belt and with the traditional glasses style ‘arms’ (and arms strap) or headband attachment, along with a comprehensive Wiley Guide on how to interchange lenses and strap/arms and lets not forget a WileyX sticker for the kit box! The bonus here is that also included were the interchangeable smoked lenses and already fitted ‘Bitter End’ stamped steel lenses, also the clear lenses that had been removed but you would need to fit them to the smoked lens surrounds in order to use them. This is great news when buying these as it means they are versatile for use on a number of sites (even those that frown upon the use of ‘mesh’ style eye protection).

Closeup of the Bitter End Wiley SG1's note the stamped steel lenses

Using these glasses couldn’t be easier. Put them on and away you go. They are extremely comfortable to wear and form a nice seal around the eye due to the soft foam around each eye cup. Lenses are very easily interchanged and you could even use the smoked lenses and glasses arms as more traditional sunglasses if the fancy took you.

The web site you order from contains all sorts of disclaimers and warnings but these are really great pieces of safety wear for airsofting in. I have used mine for about 6 months now and wouldn’t go back to my Guarder C4’s. Although some evidence of paint chipping on the matt black stamped steel ‘lenses’ they have stood up to several hits and unlike some other cheaper alternatives are also painted matt black on the inside. This makes a lot of difference and reduces glare and eye strain. It took no time at all to adjust to this new style of eye protection and in the end you forget you’ve got them on. These are one of my favorite pieces of kit and I’m really pleased with them, and BEST of all NO FOGGING I can’t tell you what a difference they have made to my game.

This is what 'Bitter End' have to say:

"It is my opinion [as well as thousands of other players across the World] that Bitter End Airsoft Gear will, has, and will continue to protect players from a high speed impact that might occur from an Airsoft replica during normal and
safe play."
You can checkout their great selection of Goggles/glasses and now half face masks plus custom work on their Bitter End Website

Yosser Says:
Truely great goggles. Don't compromise on possibly the most important piece of kit you'll ever own.

Check out my original post when I brought these here and just how quickly they arrived. Great customer service.

10 out of 10 Very Highly RECOMMENDED

Check out BE's website via the banner:
Bitter End
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  1. Unknown Said,

    Just to clearup some e-mails I've had from Facebook people - you CAN interchange these stamped steel 'lenses' with the proper lenses if you'd rather have the ballistic polycarbonate ones!

    Posted on August 6, 2010 at 9:26 PM

  2. Unknown Said,

    Doesn't matter if the steel wire will stop an intact BB or not. What will happen, guaranteed, is a BB will shatter on impact and the fragments will enter your eye. It's just stupid to even consider using any type of wire mesh goggle. Some brands of BB's are much more susceptible to shattering than others.

    Posted on July 18, 2012 at 6:29 PM

  3. Unknown Said,

    firstly they are stamped steel - and i've not read of anything like that happening - i'm not saying its impossible though, but unlikely as most BB's dont shatter on impact with them. AND after 2 years of having them - no problems like this have happened despite hits to them.

    Posted on July 18, 2012 at 7:07 PM


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