Airsoft Retailer Reviews

Posted by Unknown On Friday, August 06, 2010

Introducing Airsoft Retailer Reviews

Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey is always keen to promote Airsofting and related websites within the Northwest of the UK if possible, so coming across this Airsoft Retailer Reviews website was a real bonus.

Designed & founded by regular airsoft skirmisher Richard Gale (callsign Closeratio) from Hyde, a student at Manchester who is putting his computer skills in MYSQL, PHP & CSS to good use! Known as Rick to his friends when Uni allows he can be found skirmishing at F&O skirmish sites.

The website was designed to give airsoft skirmishers across the world a quick to use database of Retailers and Reviews with a simple yet clean interface that anyone could get to grips with easily. It allows skirmishers to see what other customers thought about their experiences BEFORE they make a purchase so allowing them an INFORMED choice before parting with hard-earned cash.

So get those Retailers entered guys and girls and make sure to rate/review those already on there. If you've had good service or even bad (and I've heard some horror stories about some places!) make sure to let your airsofting buddies know.

Don't buy from an On-line Retailer until you have checked out this great consumer website designed by an Airsofter for Airsofters!



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