Free Airsoft Apps

Posted by Unknown On Saturday, August 14, 2010


Free Airsoft Apps

We have all probably at sometime been a bit jealous of those posh gits with Apple iPhones and some of the airsoft apps that are now available for them. Well STOP being jealous as Nokia's 'Ovi Store' has released some FREE apps for those of us with normal Nokias and other symbian based operating systems for our mobiles.

You can just simply search the Ovi Store for 'airsoft' or trawl through their entire content.

Currently they have 2 offerings which are:

NL (a mobile extension to their popular European airsoft site) a news and airsoft info tool for your mobile &

Everything Airsoft another news and info tool which is an extension of a US airsoft blog.

So you have no excuse for keeping up with the latest news and gossip regarding all things airsoft!

Now I'm waiting for a UK airsoft map with retailers and sites on it now! (App makers take note).

Would you like to see anything on a mobile app for airsofting in the UK? Leave a comment, please!

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  1. MIke Said,

    I've been looking for apps for airsoft.

    Posted on June 15, 2011 at 1:49 AM


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