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SWAT AGAIN in AI Magazine

Thats 4 issues and counting that a SWAT player makes it into UK airsofting mag Airsoft International (vol6 issue 4).

Carl Miller from Edgar Brothers (a North West wholesaler of tactical equipment, firearms and supplies to UK forces and retailers) can be seen in the picture fully kitted up and 'Rocking' a MC look even down to his IBH helmet with tac lights. His M4 is fully 'pimped out' with Magpul PTS MOE furniture which you can purchase at great prices via DingoDogs Airsoft & Tactical Supplies .

As usual this picture is taken by site owner NUTZ who takes some great pictures from the skirmish days held at SWAT.

So if you think you look good in all your 'gucci' kit get those piccies into AI Mag and don't forget to tell them where you got the pictures!

This is the picture that made it this time:

See other entries that made AI's gallery collection from SWAT:

Rizzo and his kit

Dutch looking good

LiAm in his 'SF' look

See what your missing at SWAT now: (click the logo)


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